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Doctor Who was a monthly comic book published from October 1984 to August 1986 by Marvel Comics. It re-printed Doctor Who Magazine comic stories featuring the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. Until the advent of IDW's 2008 Doctor Who title, it was the only Doctor Who comic published in the United States. For this reason, many fans consider it "the American Doctor Who comic book", even though it is no longer the only such publication. All the stories featured in this series have since been reprinted by IDW in its Doctor Who Classics line.

Following the positive feedback to the Doctor's comic strip stories as featured in issues 57 through 60 of Marvel Premiere, a separate, "glossy format" title, rather than Marvel Premiere's traditional comic book format, was premiered. The magazine reprinted the Doctor's comics adventures from Doctor Who Weekly and Monthly stories with new colouring (the original comics had appeared in black and white), new covers by original Doctor Who Weekly artist Dave Gibbons, new articles and features and a letter column. It ran for twenty-three issues. Its first issue featured the first instalment of Doctor Who and the Star Beast, featuring the Fourth Doctor. The series concluded with Lunar Lagoon featuring the Fifth Doctor and introducing Gus.

For the first fourteen issues, the publication used a unique version of the Doctor Who logo which combined the "diamond" motif of the Fourth Doctor era with the lettering used from 1963-66. Beginning with issue 15, the comic switched to using the then-current "neon tube" logo of the Fifth Doctor.



# Title Writer Doctor Featuring Printed in Released
1 Doctor Who and the Star Beast Pat Mills, John Wagner 4th Sharon, K9 Mark II, Beep DW84 1 - 2
2 Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom Sharon, K9, Daleks DW84 3 - 4
3 Doctor Who and the Time Witch Steve Moore Sharon, K9 DW84 5
4 Dragon's Claw Sharon, K9, Sontarans DW84 6 - 7
5 The Collector Sharon, K9 DW84 8
6 Dreamers of Death
7 The Life Bringer! K9 DW84 9
8 War of the Words DW84 10
9 Spider-God
10 The Deal Steve Parkhouse DW84 11
11 End of the Line DW84 11 - 12
12 Doctor Who and the Free-Fall Warriors Ivan DW84 12
13 Junk-Yard Demon Cybermen DW84 13
14 The Neutron Knights Catavolcus, Merlin the Wise DW84 14
15 The Tides of Time 5th Justin, Shayde DW84 15 - 18
16 Timeslip Dez Skinn, Paul Neary 4th First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor DW84 18
17 Stars Fell on Stockbridge Steve Parkhouse 5th Max DW84 19
18 The Stockbridge Horror Shayde DW84 20 - 22
19 Lunar Lagoon Gus DW84 23


# Title Writer Featuring Printed in Released
1 The Return of the Daleks Steve Moore Daleks DW84 1
2 Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman Cybermen DW84 2 - 3
3 The Final Quest Sontarans DW84 3
4 The Stolen TARDIS DW84 4
5 Warlord of the Ogrons Ogrons DW84 5
6 Deathworld Ice Warriors, Cybermen DW84 6
7 Abslom Daak... Dalek Killer Abslom Daak, Daleks DW84 6 - 8
8 Star Tigers DW84 9 - 12
9 Yonder... The Yeti Great Intelligence, Robot Yeti DW84 13
10 A Ship Called Sudden Death Steve Parkhouse Freefall Warriors DW84 14
11 The Fabulous Idiot Ivan
12 Black Legacy Alan Moore Cybermen, Sontarans
13 Business as Usual Nestene Consciousness, Autons DW84 15
14 Ship of Fools Steve Moore Kroton DW84 16
15 Devil of the Deep John Peel Sea Devils DW84 17
16 Crisis on Kaldor Steve Moore Sandminer robots
17 Twilight of the Silurians Silurians DW84 18
18 The Touchdown on Deneb-7 Paul Neary Fourth Doctor, K9 Mark II DW84 19
19 The Outsider Steve Moore Sontarans DW84 19 - 20
20 The Greatest Gamble John Peel Celestial Toymaker DW84 20
21 Skywatch-7 Maxwell Stockbridge UNIT, Zygons DW84 21 - 22
22 The Gods Walk Among Us John Peel Sontarans DW84 21
23 The Gods Walk Among Us UNIT, Quarks, Dominators DW84 22
24 Voyage to the Edge of the Universe Paul Neary Dæmons DW84 23


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