Doctor Who: Rewind was a documentary co-produced by BBC America, BBC Worldwide and BBC Wales. It was essentially a recap of the story arc of series 5, with emphasis on the narrative points likely to recur in series 6. It debuted on BBCA immediately before their premiere of The Impossible Astronaut. It was a sequel of sorts to The Ultimate Guide, a similar documentary made by many of the same BBCA crew.

While it was intended principally to attract those unfamiliar with Doctor Who, it had a few very brief glimpses at elements of series 6 that had not yet appeared in any trailer or preview — primarily views of The Curse of the Black Spot and The Doctor's Wife. Moreover, it gave some of the earliest glimpses of the second half of series 6 seen anywhere. Footage showing the Doctor apparently lost in an ornate hallway was used to underline Michael Pickwoad's discussion of production design and proved particularly mysterious long after the series began transmission. Since it appeared in no video released by BBC One, it appears to have been a BBCA exclusive to which British audiences weren't privy — at least through the broadcast of Curse. A clapper briefly glimpsed in the documentary revealed the footage came from episode 11, The God Complex.

Though it had significant new material, it also substantially reused BBCA-exclusive interviews already made available to United States citizens on the region-locked, official BBCA Doctor Who website during 2010 and early 2011.

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