Doctor Who: Origins (documentary) was a retrospective documentary looking at the ideas behind and initial creation of Doctor Who.

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A fascinating 55-minute documentary, detailing the creation of Doctor Who. Looking at the factors that led to the birth of the programme, it includes a rare interview with the programme's creator, the late Sydney Newman, and new interviews with producer Verity Lambert, directors Waris Hussein and Richard Martin, actors William Russell and Carole Ann Ford, title sequence designer Bernard Lodge, and TARDIS sound effect creator Brian Hodgson.

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With interlinking narration by Terry Malloy, Origins takes a look back on the creation of the UK's best-known science fiction show between 1962-63, with memories of the creation provided from those who worked on the show since its inception in 1963. The documentary also takes a look at the stories that didn't quite make it to the screen, how the sound effect of the TARDIS and the signature theme were created in the Radiophonic Workshop, how the famous titles were created and filming the first episode, "An Unearthly Child", with memories told from the cast, producer and directors.

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It was included in the 2006 DVD release of The Edge of Destruction which was included as part of the box set called The Beginning.

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