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Doctor Who: Monster Invasion is a card game, very much like the Battles in Time cards. There were 90 cards in the first series. They have stats, like Top Trumps. These are: Scariness, Cunning, Strength, Ruthlessness and Power. The initial set of cards features images from the 2005 reboot up to, and including Series 5. There were also 16 cards that could be used with the interactive website to create 3D effects that 'come to life', and other enhanced game features. There are 345 cards to collect.

Errors Edit

Face Tendril card

The "Face Tendril" card

The Prisoner Zero card is named "Face Tendril". This was what it was referred to by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan before The Eleventh Hour was shown.

Initial card releases Edit

Bold denotes interactive cards

1 Eleventh Doctor
2 Tenth Doctor
3 Ninth Doctor
4 Tenth Doctor
5 Fourth Doctor
6 Eleventh Doctor
7 Judoon Captain
8 Davros
9 Skeletal Master
10 Lord President
11 General Staal
12 Supreme Dalek
13 Empress of the Racnoss
14 Mother Bloodtide
15 Miss Hartigan
16 Face Tendril
17 The Master
18 Rose Tyler
19 Elder Ood
20 Rossiter
21 Captain Jack Harkness
22 Martha Jones
23 Tritovore
24 Rory Williams
25 Jenny
26 River Song
27 Sarah Jane Smith
28 Amy Pond
29 K9
30 DoctorDonna
31 Cybermen
32 Bronze Daleks
33 Toclafane
34 Vashta Nerada
35 Sontarans
36 Telos Cybermen
37 Catkind
38 Stingrays
39 Heavenly Host
40 Atraxi
41 Vespiform
42 Red-eyed Ood
43 Scarecrows
44 Judoon
45 Sycorax
46 Adipose
47 Cybershade
48 Dalek Sec Hybrid
49 Werewolf
50 Pyrovile
51 The Flood
52 Clockwork Robots
53 Peter the Winder
54 Smiler
55 Slitheen
56 Weeping Angel
57 Vortex manipulator
58 Gadget
59 Sonic Screwdriver
60 Infostamp
61 Rassilon's Staff
62 Timey Wimey detector
63 Laser screwdriver
64 Sonic screwdriver
66 Headless Clone
67 Exploding Bomb
68 Full Moon
69 Cyber Chase
70 Slitheen Sludge
71 Canary Wharf Battle
72 Christmas Fear
73 Howling Hags
74 Martha Trap
75 Angels Attack
76 Ancient Doctor
77 Pyrovile Lair
78 Gloopy Clone
79 Gravity Well
80 Exploding Daleks
81 CyberKing clash
82 Flood Transformation
83 Mars Rescue
84 Master Race
85 Hesperus Plunge
86 Sparking Sonic
87 TARDIS crash-Landing
88 Monster Mucus
89 Starship UK
90 Regenerate (1/1000) RAREST – The Infinite Card

Following the initial release set of 90 cards, a nationwide release of 165 cards was boosted by a further release of 180 cards. These were available to purchase independently of the magazine, at high street retailers and newsagents.

In July 2012 it was announced that from issue 32 a third brand-new set of 126 cards were to be added that would be exclusively with the magazine. Furthermore magazine collectors were guaranteed different cards in every part (i.e. no duplicates) and also that they will collect all 126. Small print on the packs revealed the title would run to at least issue 52.

DWMI 32 included an exclusive special edition Ultra Rare care featuring Rory Williams and Silent.

With Doctor Who Monster Invasion issue 33, subscribers (and readers of Doctor Who Adventures 280), received an exclusive 5/5 card featuring The Silence.

Notable information Edit

  • Card #189 features River Song's second incarnation, Mels. Her last name is given as "Zucker."

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