The Doctor Who: Battles in Time Trading Cards were collectible game cards issued with the similarly-named magazine. They were also available for separate purchase from newsagent retailers and some specialist shops.

Features Edit

The cards shared a number of common features.

Card name Edit

Each was named.

Card number Edit

Each had an individual number, with the numbering system being simply consecutive. 003

Card description Edit

Each had a single descriptive line captioning the card.

Card deck type Edit

Each card had a sub-set category reflecting their general identity.

  • Hero

Card classification Edit

Each card had a code denoting its rarity. Surprisingly some of the hardest to find cards were not necessarily in the higher classification.

  • ( C) Common = 8 in every Pack (10 in Mixed Packs)
  • ( R) Rare = 1 in every Pack (2 in Mixed Packs)
  • (SR) Super Rare = 1 in every 6 Packs
  • (UR) Ultra Rare = 1 in every 24 Packs
  • Super Rose = 1 in every 1000 Packs

Comparative rating score (character cards only) Edit

  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Stamina
  • Special Abilities
  • Fear Factor

Regular sets Edit

Special release Edit

  • Psychic paper - Special card to read hidden messages in some bonus cards. Available only in the first issue of the magazine.
  • Super Rose - There was only one in every 1,000 packets of all five main sets.
  • Dalek Blaster - This was a special lenticular card of a Dalek being 'blasted', and came free with the "Invader" launch special magazine.
  • Daleks versus Cybermen 18 Card Set - Released 16 May 2007
  • Adventurer The Sarah Jane Adventures 10 Card Set - Released January 2009

All of the above were overlaid on a graphic presentation of the subject.

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