Doctor Who: Battles in Time was a fortnightly magazine that accompanied a trading card game, both of which were published by GE Fabbri Ltd. The magazine had a six-issue trial run in certain regions of the United Kingdom before re-launching, with some modifications, in September 2006. It ran for seventy issues until 2009, and therefore was entirely a phenomenon of the David Tennant era on television,

Each £2.50 issue came with at least one pack of collectable trading cards, which were available to buy separately at the cost of £1.50.

Each issue included the following regular features:

  • Gameplay - How to use the cards to play with your friends!
  • Card Clash - Two cards selected and matched to battle it out!
  • Monster Foldout - Fold out guide to tie-in with the cover image.
  • Episode Guide - FAQ summary from TV: Rose onwards.
  • Comic Strip - all new Tenth Doctor Comic Strip.
  • Behind the scenes - alternating feature looking at the making of the TV series.
  • Dalek Wars - alternating feature, a CGI depiction of great Dalek battles with a search and find activity.
  • Brain Busters - puzzles

Special issues Edit

In addition to the regular issues there were a further four special issues.

The first special, Daleks vs Cybermen, was a self contained special issue, whereas its three successors were launched at the same time as expansion sets to the collectable trading card releases.

Regular issue covers Edit

Subscription offer Edit


The offer

Early subscribers to this title received 9 bonus free gifts that included:

  • A5 size card album with space for 80 cards
  • Magazine Holder
  • SFX TARDIS roof unit with flashing light and sound effect
  • Electronic LED Dice
  • Combination lock for TARDIS case
  • 4 extra free packs of "EXTERMINATOR" trading cards

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