The Devastator series of Doctor Who: Battles in Time trading cards was the fourth expansion series to the original set and followed the success of the previous sets (namely; Exterminator, Annihilator, Invader and Ultimate Monsters)

It was launched in September 2008 with a special card mounted magazine issue which included four packs of trading cards. Additional packs were also available to purchase separately.

The Devastator series consisted of a further 250 cards being numbered from 826 to 1075 featuring graphics from Series Four of the television series. (Each card also carried its particular series numbering in the bottom right corner).

The Devastator series consisted of;

  • 209 (C) Common Cards
  • 25 (R) Rare Cards (Foil printed, one in every pack)
  • 10 (SR) Super Rare (Enhanced / embossed foil printed, found in one in every six packs)
  • 6 (UR) Ultra Rare (Special feature cards with added effect including; lenticular changing images, glow in the dark and scratch 'n sniff found in one in twenty-four packs)

The much sought after, gold ticket card (of Rose Tyler possessed by the Time Vortex), remained available in every thousand packs and was of a thicker, gold foiled and unnumbered card.

Nine cards from the set, suffixed "TARDIS Crew", could be arranged side-by-side to create a continuous image of the nine pilots and passengers of the TARDIS in the Series Four finale Journey's End. From left to right, this is:

Devastator Card Listing Edit

RatingNumberCard TitleComment
C 826 Fifth Doctor (Time Crashed)
C 827 Newborn Adipose
C 828 High Priestess
C 829 General Cobb
C 830 Astrid Peth
C 831 Natural Ood
C 832 Agatha Christie
C 833 Matron Cofelia
C 834 Major Domo
C 835 River Song
C 836 Jethro Cane
C 837 General Staal (the Undefeated)
C 838 Footman
C 839 Luke Rattigan
C 840 Natural Ood (Caged)
C 841 Titanic Steward
C 842 Captain Jack (TARDIS Crew)
R 843 Proper Dave (Animated Skeleton)
C 844 Kess
C 845 Jenny
C 846 Davenport
C 847 Red-Eye Ood 1
C 848 Val Cane
C 849 Tenth Doctor (with Luggage)
C 850 Pompeii Slaves
C 851 Martha Jones (TARDIS Crew)
C 852 Atmos Worker 1
C 853 Bannakaffalatta
C 854 Penny Carter
C 855 Pyrovile
C 856 Doctor Ryder
C 857 Messaline Soldier 1
C 858 Vespiform
C 859 Professor Hobbes
C 860 Morvin and Foon
C 861 Halo Weapon
C 862 Water Pistol
C 863 Adipose Pendant
C 864 Clone Machine
C 865 River Song's Diary
C 866 Firestone Necklace
C 867 Progenation Machine
C 868 Sontaran War Room
C 869 Subwave Network
UR 870 Suit Creature Attack
C 871 Giant Ood Brain
C 872 Captain Hardaker
C 873 Doctor Martha Jones
C 874 Shadow Proclamation
SR 875 Gable
C 876 Sister Spurrina
C 877 Rabid Ood (Attacking)
C 878 Biff Cane
C 879 Private Ross Jenkins
C 880 Carter
C 881 Sontaran Squad
C 882 Lady Eddison
C 883 Tenth Doctor (with Jenny)
C 884 General Sanchez
C 885 Red-Eye Ood 2
C 886 Anita
C 887 Dalek Caan (Scarred by Time War)
C 888 Captain Price
C 889 Ood Delta 50 (Dying)
C 890 Donna Noble (TARDIS Crew)
R 891 Sontaran Wrist Device
C 892 Marble Circuit (Activated)
C 893 Halpen's Communicator
C 894 Titanic Teleport Bracelet
C 895 Sonic Boom
UR 896 Pyrovile Attack
C 897 River Song's Squareness Gun
C 898 Atmos GPS
SR 899 The Source
C 900 Magnifying Glass
C 901 Astrid Peth (Sacrifice)
R 902 Clone
C 903 Caecilius
C 904 The Hostess
C 905 Greeves
C 906 Hath Group
C 907 Sister Spurrina (with Sacrificial Knife)
C 908 Supreme Dalek
C 909 Private Harris
C 910 Duplicate Doctor (TARDIS Crew)
C 911 Adipose Ship
C 912 Shore Leave
UR 913 Sontaran Teleport
SR 914 Ood Ball Attack
C 915 River Song's Sonic Screwdriver
UR 916 Bad Wolf Effect
C 917 Swagger Stick
C 918 Psychic Powers
C 919 Power Drain
C 920 Hath Respirator
C 921 Christopher
C 922 River Song (with Sonic Screwdriver)
C 923 Klineman Halpen
C 924 Martha Jones (Sontaran Clone)
C 925 Ella McAvoy
SR 926 Davros (Creator of the Daleks)
R 927 Miss Foster
R 928 Red-Eye Ood Group
C 929 Rose Tyler (Traveller through the Void)
C 930 Messaline Soldier 2
C 931 Albino Servant
C 932 Evelina (Entranced)
C 933 Sontaran 1
C 934 Dee Dee Blasco
C 935 Rapid Ood
C 936 Strackman Lux
C 937 Crucible Dalek 1
C 938 Fortune Teller
C 939 Lady Eddison (in 1886)
C 940 Shadow Proclamation Judoon
C 941 Ood Sales Rep
C 943 Kess (Attacking)
C 944 Martha Jones (Being Cloned)
C 945 Professor Peach
R 946 Sky Silvestry (Possessed)
C 948 Enslaved Ood 1
C 949 Donna Noble (Investigator)
C 950 Max Capricorn
C 951 Mount Vesuvius
R 952 Sonic Pen
C 953 Luke Smith
C 954 Security Camera
R 955 Warp star
C 956 Sontaran Ship
UR 957 Vespiform Transformation
C 958 Dalek Crucible
SR 959 Tenth Doctor's Hand
C 960 Parthenogenesis detector
C 961 Foon Van Hoff
C 962 Solana Mercurio
R 963 Joyful Adipose
C 964 Rattigan Academy Students
C 965 Pyrovile Soldier
C 966 Wilfred Mott
C 967 Titanic passenger
C 968 Ood Sigma
C 969 Miss Chandrakala (in 1886)
C 970 Cline
C 971 Tenth Doctor (TARDIS Crew)
C 972 Sontaran 2
C 973 Charlotte Abigail Lux
C 974 Old Woman
R 975 K9
C 976 Electro Blast
C 977 Sontaran War Console1
C 978 Sky Silvestry
C 979 Donna Noble (Wrong Turn)
C 980 Supreme Dalek (Flanked by Daleks)
C 981 Other Dave
C 982 Shadow Architect
C 983 Sister Thalina
C 984 Heavenly Host Army
C 985 Private Gray
C 986 Enslaved Ood 2
C 987 Penny Carter (Tied Up)
C 988 Quintus
C 989 Reverend Golightly
C 990 Donna McAvoy
C 991 Heavenly Host (Flying Attack)
UR 992 Ood Transformation
R 993 Adipose Industries
C 994 Ancient Scroll
SR 995 Vespiform Vision
C 996 Atmospheric converter
C 997 Ood Hind-Brain
C 998 Max Capricorn (Portrait)
BW 999 Bad Wolf Warning
C 1000 Davros and Dalek
R 1001 Adipose Group
C 1002 Donna Noble (Preparing for the Cold)
C 1003 Lucius Dextrus
C 1004 Suzette
C 1005 Rose Tyler (TARDIS Crew)
C 1006 Rickston Slade
C 1007 Natural Ood (Singing)
C 1008 Soothsayer
C 1009 Davros (with Dalek Caan)
C 1010 Miss Chandrakala
C 1011 Time Crash
R 1012 SS Titanic
SR 1013 Adipose Computer
C 1014 Temple of Sibyl
C 1015 Adipose pills
C 1016 Detonation Pack
SR 1017 Electromagnetic Pulse
R 1018 Osterhagen Key
C 1019 Sontaran Pod
R 1020 Donna Noble (with Time Lord Consciousness)
C 1021 Midshipman Alonso Frame
R 1023 Martha Jones (Project Indigo)
C 1024 Escaped Adipose
C 1025 Kess (with Whip)
C 1026 Mr Copper
C 1027 Atmos Worker 2
R 1028 The Two Doctors
C 1029 Sibylline Sisterhood
C 1030 Sontaran 3
C 1031 Miss Evangelista
C 1032 Gwen Cooper
C 1033 Enslaved Ood Group
C 1034 Roger Curbishley
C 1035 Mickey Smith (TARDIS Crew)
C 1036 Claude
C 1037 Crucible Dalek 2
C 1038 Proper Dave
C 1039 Pyrovile 3
R 1040 Heavenly Host (Flying)
C 1041 Sylvia Noble
C 1042 Tenth Doctor (with Water Pistol)
C 1043 Claire
C 1044 Commander Skorr (The Bloodbringer)
C 1045 Rickston Slade(Survivor)
C 1046 Matron Cofelia (with Adipose Computer)
C 1047 Doctor Moon
C 1048 Colonel Hugh Curbishley
C 1049 Jackie Tyler (TARDIS Crew)
C 1050 Natural Ood Group
C 1051 Project Indigo
C 1052 Detonator
R 1053 Sontaran Ship (Attack Mode)
C 1054 Davros (Raging)
C 1055 Adipose Escape
R 1056 Vespiform Sting
C 1057 Mechanical Claw
C 1058 Shrine
C 1059 Celery
C 1060 Video Message
C 1061 Pyrovile Group
C 1062 Morvin Van Hoff
C 1063 Robina Redmond
SR 1064 Pyrovile (Breathing Fire)
C 1065 Bartle
C 1066 Peck
R 1067 General Staal (Full Uniform)
C 1068 Evelina
C 1069 Heavenly Host (Being Reprogrammed)
C 1070 Sarah Jane Smith (TARDIS Crew)
R 1071 Duplicate Doctor (with Catalyser)
C 1072 Driver Joe
C 1073 Colonel Mace
C 1074 Harriet Jones (Former Prime Minister)
SR 1075 Davros (Time War Survivor)
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