The Annihilator series of Doctor Who: Battles in Time trading cards was the first expansion series to the original Exterminator set, introducing one hundred new cards.

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The Annihilator series, smallest of the expansion sets, was launched in April 2007 and consisted of an additional hundred cards, numbered from 276 to 375 featuring graphics mainly from Series Two of the television series (though some cards also covered Series One and card 100- Martha Jones- was a sneak-preview for Series Three). Each card also carried its particular series numbering in the bottom right corner.

The Annihilator series consisted of

  • 75 (C) Common Cards
  • 15 (R) Rare Cards (Foil printed, one in every pack)
  • 6 (SR) Super Rare (Enhanced / embossed foil printed, found in one in every six packs)
  • 4 (UR) Ultra Rare (Special feature cards with lenticular changing images, found in one in twenty-four packs)

The much sought after, gold ticket card of Rose Tyler possessed by the Time Vortex remained available in every thousand packs and was of a thicker, gold foiled and unnumbered card.

Annihilator card listing Edit

RatingNumberCard TitleComment
R 276 Time Vortex Doctor
C 277 Graske Group
C 278 Clockwork Woman 3
C 279 Frozen Cyber Army
C 280 Cassandra as Rose
C 281 Gas Mask
C 282 Magna Clamp
R 283 Dalek Vision
UR 284 Dalek Uncovered
C 285 Mark of the Beast
C 286 Trapped Slitheen
C 287 Forest of Cheem
C 288 Cyber Army
C 289 Rose Tyler with Fire Extinguisher
C 290 Genesis Ark Dalek
UR 291 Beastly Possession
R 292 Cyber Smasher
R 293 Ood Power
C 294 Rocket Ship
SR 295 Bad Wolf
R 296 Yvonne Hartman Cyber Rebel
C 297 Diseased Group
C 298 Clive Finch
R 299 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
SR 300 Graske 2
SR 301 Clockwork Teleport
C 302 Prison of the Beast
C 303 Cyber Brain
R 304 Final Broadcast
C 305 Gelth Possession
C 306 Legion of the Beast
C 307 Jake Simmonds Parallel Soldier
C 308 Rita Connolly
C 309 Cat Nurse Group
C 310 Margaret Blaine Unmasking
C 311 Black Hole
C 312 Cyber Slicing Machine
C 313 Krillitane Chips
C 314 Clockwork Injection
C 315 Hand Print Activation
C 316 Parallel Soldier
C 317 Clockwork Robot Group
C 318 Rose Tyler Krillitane Oil
SR 319 The Beast on Fire
R 320 Cult of Skaro
C 321 Mistletoe
C 322 Cybus Communicator
R 323 Disguise
C 324 Temporal Rift
C 325 Fire Extinguisher
C 326 Matron Casp Infected
C 327 Scholar Group
C 328 Donna Noble
C 329 Sycorax Army
C 330 Bliss
R 331 Torchwood
SR 332 Hologram
C 333 Cave Painting
C 334 Danger of Infection
C 335 Dalek Shield
C 336 Auton Deactivated
C 337 Cyber Leader Blast Attack
C 338 10th Doctor Ghostbusting
R 339 Racnoss Empress Attacking
C 340 Rose Tyler Trapped by the Wire
C 341 Disease Pod
UR 342 Cyber Buster
C 343 Ood Possession
C 344 Telescope
C 345 Self Destruct
C 346 Lance Bennett
C 347 Jabe using her Scanner
C 348 Pilot Fish Unmasked
C 349 Destroyed Dalek
C 350 The Doctor Space Explorer
C 351 Energy Source
C 352 Skasis Paradigm misspelled as "Skasas Paradigm"
SR 353 Beast Hologram
UR 354 Sycorax Unmasking
C 355 Double Extermination
R 356 Cyberghosts
C 357 Pilot Fish Group Unmasked
C 358 Cassandra Drying Out
C 359 Sycorax Slave
C 360 Ursula Blake Absorbed
R 361 Slitheen Zapper
C 362 Tractor Beam
R 363 Huon Particles
C 364 Energy Ball
C 365 Biodamper
C 366 Racnoss Empress
C 367 Dalek Underwater Mode
C 368 Gelth Zombie Attack
C 369 Pilot Fish under Racnoss Control
C 370 Sip Fel Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen Unmasking
C 371 Sycorax Mask
C 372 Bauble Bombs
C 373 TARDIS Crash
C 374 Cyberman Defeater
R 375 Martha Jones

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