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Doctor Who: A Celebration was a Children in Need concert, performed on 19 November 2006 at the Wales Millennium Centre.

It was the very first Doctor Who-related concert, paving the way for Doctor Who at the Proms in years to come. Like the Doctor Who Proms to come, it featured a lead actor as a host (David Tennant), and Doctor Who monsters in prosthetics (Ood, Daleks, Clockwork Droids, Cyberman), on-stage and among the crowd.

Doctor Who: A Celebration featured the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conducted by Ben Foster, the BBC National Chorus of Wales, and performances by Melanie Pappenheim and Gary Williams.

As well as music from series 1 and 2, composed by Murray Gold, this concert also contained performances of "The Runaway Bride" and "Love Don't Roam" (sung by Gary Williams) from The Runaway Bride, which would not be released for another month. The former piece was performed alongside a preview of the car chase scene from the upcoming Christmas special.

The episode of Doctor Who Confidential which aired following The Runaway Bride on Christmas Day, Music and Monsters, focused on this concert.

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Act 1

Melanie Pappenheim sings "The Doctor's Theme".

Concert Prologue
Rose Sequence
Monster Mash / Space & Monsters Sequence
Music from The Tenth Doctor
Sneak preview of The Runaway Bride
Act 2
Questions and Answers - with David Tennant, Murray Gold, Russell T Davies

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