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Doctor Who: 50 Years was a narrative trailer for fiftieth anniversary special of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor, and a celebration of the programme's fifty year history. Notably, it included William Hartnell's First Doctor in high-resolution colour for the first time.[1]


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Red Bee Media used the following actors (DWMSE 38):

Main cast[]

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Characters and species[]

Characters and species seen in the trailer.

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  • The actors in this trailer either had their faces obscured or had their face edited post-production to look like the character they were playing. Jon Crowley is an exception and his face was not edited to have Jon Pertwee's likeness. (DWMSE 38)
  • The season 20 console, was later given by co-constructor Bruce Hill to Mark Barton Hill, sans the two panels replicated by Bob's Bits. Barton Hill then continued restoring the prop with components of the original console he collected among the years. It was later exposed at the Doctor Who Experience (London/Cardiff) until it closed down and used for the TARDIS interior scenes of Shada.[2]

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