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Doctor Conkerer! was a Seventh Doctor comic story that was originally destined for the pages of The Incredible Hulk Presents, but was ultimately printed in Doctor Who Magazine.

It was significant for a number of reasons. It featured the first DWU art by Mike Collins, a penciller who would later be prolific during the BBC Wales era and would go on to become storyboard artist for the series. It also was marked the end of the period in DWM where the Seventh Doctor travelled without Ace.


The Seventh Doctor suddenly fancies a game of conkers — his "opponent" being his umbrella, which is hung on the hatstand with a conker tied to its large red question mark-shaped handle. Having run out of conkers, the Doctor lands the TARDIS in 5th or 8th century[1] Britain to collect some more and tries his luck with some initially unfriendly Vikings.


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  • This strip was produced for issue #13 The Incredible Hulk Presents comic, but the periodical folded after issue #12. It was thus run in Doctor Who Magazine but was not originally intended for it. Marvel's management had intended that the strips in Hulk should all be re-used in Doctor Who Magazine but John Freeman argued they were written for a younger audience and would run against all he was trying to do to appeal to Doctor Who fans in the Magazine, in terms of features and fiction.
  • The story was printed in full colour in the graphic novel The Mark of Mandragora.



  1. 1.0 1.1 In the original printing of DWM 162, this story is dated to the 5th century. This was changed to the more historically accurate 8th century in The Mark of Mandragora.