Do You Smell Carrots? was the seventh short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Christmas Around the World. It was written by Simon Guerrier. It featured the Fifth Doctor, the First Doctor and Steven Taylor.


Steven flies a helicopter while the Doctor hangs on, holding a bottle of washing-up liquid. They are chasing a giant mosquito through a snowstorm. The mosquito grabs onto the helicopter, but the Doctor uses enough liquid to make the mosquito explode into yellow bits of gunk.

Alex and Jonathan play outside in the snow. Mum helps Jonathan with his small, strangely shaped snowman, while Alex makes his own. He notices that the snow feels almost electric. The boys use stones for eyes and carrots for noses.

When the boys and their mother go inside, Alex's snowman begins to gain consciousness and movement. He touches the smaller snowman, his little brother, who now also gains consciousness, but has more trouble moving. The two snowmen explore their surroundings, unintentionally frightening away a man and woman who are leaving a bar.

The older snowman understands that when the sun comes up, the snow will melt, and he and his brother will be in danger. A strange man approaches and talks to him, showing no fear. He calls himself the Doctor and says that they've met before. He offers to take the two "brothers" someplace where there will always be snow.



  • Alex knows he has to be good if he wants Father Christmas to visit.
  • The man from the bar tries to put a Santa hat on one of the snowmen.
  • The Doctor takes the snowmen to a place with penguins.


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