Djinx in triumph after capturing the Doctor. (COMIC: Doctor in a Bottle)

Djinx was a fire creature.

He awoke on Earth when humankind was young, and had the ancient Egyptians worship him. The Doctor came along and imprisoned him in a bottle for eternity.

Thousands of years later, Clara Oswald bought the bottle from a shop in Shoreditch. Upon opening the bottle, she released Djinx back into the world. Djinx then trapped the Twelfth Doctor and the TARDIS inside the bottle. Clara was able to stop Djinx by shouting at him, something he wasn't used to. It enabled the Doctor to break free of the bottle. He then encased Djinx in a vacuum, depriving him of oxygen. Encased in the bottle once more, the Doctor secured it away in the TARDIS so that he could never escape again. (COMIC: Doctor in a Bottle)

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