Disneyland was the name of a number of popular theme parks on Earth and beyond.

Disneyland was the intended destination of a Navarino party travelling with Nostalgia Tours. However, their craft crashed in Wales. (TV: Delta and the Bannermen)

The Ninth Doctor was not impressed with Disneyland, and told Rose Tyler he could take her somewhere with real talking mice. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)

The European version of Disneyland, known as "EuroDisney", became known in the 22nd century as Urrozdinee. (PROSE: Urrozdinee)

Peri suggested Disneyland when the Sixth Doctor pondered out loud where on Earth he could go to have a good time. (AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)

The quarantine centres at Apalapucia contained a replica of a Disneyland on Clom, complete with the "Warpspeed Death Ride" rollercoaster. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

The Eighth Doctor described Kursaal to Samantha Jones as a cross between Disneyland and Babylon 5. (PROSE: Kursaal)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • During the late 1980s (even before the original series was cancelled) and early 1990s (prior to the TV movie being produced), the Walt Disney Company (the people who own Disneyland) were on a buying frenzy and bought things like the American Broadcasting Company, ESPN, and others. Disney attempted to buy the rights to Doctor Who and its video library. Had Disney been sold the rights, they would have set up a walk-through exhibition of what it's like inside a TARDIS at Tomorrowland. They even planned that, when the need came, they would announce who the next Doctor would be at Disneyland during a press conference at Tommorowland (rather than at the BBC news studios like the BBC did).[source needed]
  • During the 1970s, Doctor Who attempted to have a serial filmed on location at Disneyland involving the Third Doctor; then when Jon Pertwee left the show, the Fourth Doctor, tracking down an alien at the theme park. However, budget restraints forbade it.[source needed]
  • In August 1975 the only direct Disney-Who connection to date was made when Tom Baker, in character as the Fourth Doctor, guest-hosted an edition of Disney Time in which he appeared in filmed inserts introducing clips from Disney films.[1]