Disinfectodroids were cleaning robots manufactured by Acme Industries.

History Edit

Many Disinfectodroids operated on a space station near Jupiter, where they cleaned up and disinfected garbage before teleporting it to a planet inhabited by primitive, four-armed aliens, who were very displeased at their world being turned into a dump.

When a space plague threatened the station, the Disinfectroids quarantined it and began cleaning it up, going so far as to clean up the people on board and deposit them on the garbage planet as well. The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrived at the station in the TARDIS and encountered the robots while investigating the disappearance of the people. The Disinfectodroids pursued the Doctor and Rose back to the TARDIS, depositing it and them on the garbage planet. The robots were planning to leave the station and clean up Earth itself when the Doctor returned with the people and the natives, who attacked and destroyed many of the robots with their spears. The rest were reprogrammed to clean up the garbage planet and send the garbage to Acme Industries headquarters in the hope that it would change their corporate policy. (COMIC: The Germ War)

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