Mark Thompson, the Director-General for much of the life of the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who

The Director-General of the BBC is the highest-ranking executive at the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their impact on the day-to-day production of Doctor Who was generally quite indirect. They tended to set the tone that the Doctor Who production office then had to follow. However, there were some occasions on which the Director-General had a noticeably more profound impact, such as when Hugh Greene directly hired Sydney Newman, or when Charles Curran apologised to Mary Whitehouse for the content of The Deadly Assassin, then had Philip Hinchcliffe transferred to another programme.

Public support of Doctor Who from the Director-General has traditionally been rare. However, in September 2012, the newly-installed Director-General George Entwistle made a number of conspicuous and positive remarks about Doctor Who, and even told The Independent that he had gotten into television because of watching Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who.

In the DWU Edit

By 2003, Jocelyn Stevens was Director-General of the BBC. (HOMEVID: Global Conspiracy?)

One Director-General assisted the Fifth Doctor in defeating the Xyz. (PROSE: Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life)

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