Direct Action was the third short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Centenarian. It was written by Ian Mond. It featured the Fourth Doctor.

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Jack Holbine travels to 1915, believing that he is to film the life of Edward Grainger. He is disappointed to learn that he is assigned to film Edward's father, Lawrence Grainger, and his role in the Gallipoli campaign.

Armed with the tools of his trade, Jack accompanies Lawrence as he is assigned to the Gallipoli campaign. On the way, Lawrence is shot at by Turks, but when he is protected by Jack's force field (of which Lawrence is unaware), he thinks that God is on his side and begins to shoot the attacking Turks, an unseen Jack following him.

A stranger appears and uses a device that reveals Jack and his cameras. Jack knocks out Lawrence and yells at the stranger. The stranger, who calls himself the Doctor, recognises that Jack is filming Lawrence and chides him for changing history. They experience a shock wave from the imminent temporal tsunami.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is captured by Turks, and Jack has to impersonate Captain Mustafa Kemal to rescue him. Jack and the Doctor come to the conclusion that, due to Jack's interference in Lawrence's timeline, Edward Grainger will not become the peacemaker he was supposed to be, but will instead work for British intelligence.

The Doctor suggests Jack come with him to avoid the coming temporal tsunami, but Jack refuses. After the tsunami hits, Jack becomes Jack Holbine, an Australian soldier who rescues Lawrence from the Turks.

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