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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was the second episode of series 7 of Doctor Who.

Uniquely, this adventure played host to a gang of TARDIS travellers rather than just the Ponds, with Queen Nefertiti and John Riddell from off-screen adventures of the Eleventh Doctor joining. Brian Williams was introduced as Rory's father.

This episode marks the first appearances of dinosaurs since the 1974 story Invasion of the Dinosaurs. (Pterodactyls had featured in the previous season (TV: The Wedding of River Song) and multiple episodes of Torchwood, but are not actual dinosaurs.)


In 2367, the Indian Space Agency is on high alert as an unidentified spaceship hurtles towards the Earth. The Eleventh Doctor assembles a team to investigate, including the legendary Queen Nefertiti, a big game hunter named Riddell, Amy, Rory... and Rory's father, Brian. Materialising aboard the mystery ship, they're surprised to find it populated by dinosaurs. With time running out before the ship is blasted out of the sky, the Doctor must confront a vicious criminal named Solomon, as the lives of his companions and the dinosaurs hang in the balance...


The Doctor has saved Egypt from giant alien locusts and is trying to return to his TARDIS. However, Queen Nefertiti, attracted to the Doctor, stops him and tries to get his attention. The Doctor receives a message on his psychic paper. Telling her that it is unimportant, he learns that the Indian Space Agency needs his help; he's forced to take "Nefi" with him, as she has forced her way onto the TARDIS despite the Doctor's protests. Arriving in the 24th century, the Doctor is informed of a spaceship coming closer to Earth that has failed to respond to any of ISA's attempts to communicate; if it gets within ten thousand kilometres of Earth, they will send up missiles to destroy it.

The Doctor decides he should investigate the ship before the ISA attempt to destroy it, just in case there are aliens that cannot communicate either due to primitive technology or not understanding Earth's languages. Realising this would be too much for just him and Nefi, the Doctor decides to head to Africa in the early 20th century. He meets his old friend John Riddell, a game hunter he left behind after saying he was leaving to get some sweets. Riddell initially refuses to join the Doctor on another trip but gives in when he learns its a mystery to even him.

In 21st century London, Rory has his father, Brian Williams, over to help fix a light bulb. After saying the fixture may be the problem, Brian reminds Rory he is lucky to have Amy; Amy finds this amusing. As Brian continues working on the light, the sound of the TARDIS materialisation is heard; Brian thinks perhaps they have left the door open. The TARDIS materialises around them, shocking Brian in place while the Doctor greets Amy and Rory. They all travel in the TARDIS to the mystery spacecraft. The Doctor tells everyone to grab a torch as they head outside.

As they head out, Amy questions the Doctor about what he's up to this time; the Doctor explains that he decided that he needed a group this time. Brian exits the TARDIS and the Doctor, finally noticing him, questions him with hostility. Rory explains that Brian is his father, whom the Doctor inadvertently brought on board when he materialised the TARDIS around them. This calms the Doctor, whom Brian seems not to have met. The Doctor greets Brian and walks off with Amy, Nefertiti and Riddell; leaving Rory the job of telling Brian what's going on. Annoyed that it's always his turn, Rory explains to his confused father that he and Amy honeymooned throughout time and space aboard the TARDIS, not in Thailand as they had previously told him.

In the meantime, the presence of Nefi and Riddell has led Amy to believe that the Doctor has replaced her and Rory as his travelling companions during the gap between his last visit. The Doctor tells Amy that it's not the case, "they're not Ponds"; he cherishes the bond between them, plus they're family. Rory and Brian catch up to the group as the doors in front of them begin opening. Seeing what's coming out of the other side, the Doctor tells everyone to run. However, he has to be pulled away by Amy because he is gleefully surprised to find "Dinosaurs, on a spaceship!"

Dino gang

The gang hide from dinosaurs.

Hiding as the dinosaurs go past, the Doctor keeps Riddell from trying to harm them as they need to be preserved; Riddell sourly jokes in return "who's gonna preserve us?". They run into a Triceratops that sniffs Brian, forcing him to toss away one of the golf balls he keeps in his pocket to make it leave. The Doctor then examines the ship, discovering an interactive monitor. The Doctor asks to be shown where the engines are on the map, saying they need to get to them. He, Brian and Rory vanish in flash of light and Amy is left annoyed.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian arrive on the shore of a rocky beach. Seeing "birds" in the distance, Brian wonders if they are kestrels. Having an epiphany, the Doctor orders them to dig; Brian complies, producing a trowel from his pocket. Rory is surprised, but his dad tells him to put a trowel on his Christmas list; when Rory protests he's too old to have a Christmas list, the Doctor retorts that he has one despite being centuries old. The Doctor then runs off to "look at rocks", with Rory calling after him. Elsewhere, a man sees them on a monitor. He becomes interested when he hears one of them referred to as "the Doctor". He orders that they be brought to him.

Brian hits metal while digging, becoming shocked; they're actually still in the ship. The Doctor reveals a monitor in a rock face, explaining the ship's engines are powered by the waves; an endless supply of power. He said they needed to go to the engine room and the ship complied with its short-range teleporter. Brian is left dumbfounded, with Rory trying to explain; however, the Doctor cuts them off by asking "What about the things that aren't kestrels?" They turn around to see many pteranodon flying at them. The Doctor yells that he would be amazed if he wasn't being targeted as food. Brian suggests using the teleport, but the Doctor tells him that it fried out upon their arrival.

Upon entering the cave, they hear heavy footsteps approaching them. The Doctor panics, going back and forth, wondering which threat they should face. He asks Brian and Rory if they have any preferences but their fears are then partially relieved when the footsteps are revealed to belong to two large robots. The robots demand that the trio come with them.

Elsewhere, Amy, Nefertiti and Riddell explore the ship, with Nefertiti questioning Amy about the Doctor, saying she found her husband boring; Amy subtly hints the Doctor is married, but Nefi doesn't seem to catch on. The lack of a crew confuses them all, with Nefi suggesting a plague killed them, while Riddell believes the dinosaurs were responsible; Amy tells the "Chuckle Brothers" to lighten up. Investigating a room, Amy overhears Nefi and Riddell continue arguing; when Riddell threatens to strike Nefi, she responds with the same bravado. Riddell is impressed with the "spitfires" like Nefi in her time. Annoyed, Amy tells the two that she will not be having flirting companions; now she knows what being the Doctor is like.

Amy and co computer screen

Amy, Riddell and Nefertiti discover the identity of the ship's builders.

Seeing a computer, Amy begins fiddling with the controls, she finds an orb and inserts it into the computer; the first rule of travelling with the Doctor: see a strange device, start pressing buttons and don't stop until you get results. Getting a fuzzy picture on the screen, Amy smacks the monitor and clears up the image. To her shock, she learns that the spaceship belongs to the Silurians. They launched it when the Moon was coming into alignment with Earth, fearing a cataclysm might result; the ship is akin to Noah's Ark.

In the meantime, the Doctor, Rory and Brian are brought to a smaller spaceship docked with this one; however, only the Doctor is allowed inside. He finds a man named Solomon laying on a bed and listening to Fantasia in F minor; the Doctor brags he was the second set of hands playing the music. The Doctor is briefly startled by a flash of violet light, which Solomon passes off as a malfunction. Solomon explains his legs were badly mauled by raptors, and the robots could only do so much to treat him. Realising Solomon has mistaken him for a medical doctor, the Doctor offers assistance in exchange for being told how he came by the ship's worth of dinosaurs. In response, Brian is given a painful laser burn by one of the robots as a warning. The Doctor proceeds to work on getting Solomon mobile again while Rory tends to his father's burn. Brian is surprised that Rory keeps a medical supply pack with him; Rory responds that it's a habit of their family to keep "tools" with them.

Back in the archive room, Amy asks the monitor to display life-signs of Silurians but gets nothing. Amy then compares this image with one on the day the ship launched, discovering there were numerous Silurians on board. She wonders what happened to them. She then asks the computer to zoom in at the core of the ship, discovering that it's been boarded before by Solomon. Riddell picks up a nearby gun, explaining it's full of tranquilliser; he tells Nefi that she needs a man of action in her life, before taking off to search for the Doctor. Nefi, now infatuated with Riddell, is told by Amy, "Human sleeping potion or walking innuendo; take your pick."

In Solomon's ship, the Doctor finishes adding braces to help with healing Solomon's injuries. He wonders why Solomon is here and learns that he's a trader that wants to sell the dinosaurs, but is heading in the wrong direction. The Doctor then realises that the flash of light was an IV System trying to figure out how much he's worth. To the Doctor's relief and Solomon's confusion, there is no record available to reveal how much he's worth. At that moment, Rory receives a call from Amy and is told to give the phone to the Doctor. Amy informs him that the Silurians built the ship, but there are no life signs of them. The Doctor questions Solomon on what happened to them. Solomon explains they rescued his ship, but when he found out there were dinosaurs on board, he attempted to do business. When the Silurians refused, he tossed them into space along with the ones in hibernation.

The Doctor quickly deduces that Solomon cannot control this so-called ark of the Silurians and his attempt to do so made its auto-pilot head for Earth, its launching point. The Doctor explains that the ISA will soon be launching missiles. The greedy Solomon believes the Doctor is lying and wants the dinosaurs for himself. Exiting Solomon's cockpit, the Doctor tells the two dim-witted robots that their boss wants to see them. The Doctor tells Rory and Brian to run as the two robots ask Solomon why he wanted to see them. Realising that the Doctor has tricked them, Solomon orders his lackeys to go after them.

Hi ho tricey away

The Doctor commandeers unusual transportation.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian soon encounter the same triceratops from earlier — which the Doctor names "Tricey" — and board its back. The Doctor tries getting Tricey to go by using verbal commands used for horses but fails. Brian quickly deduces the same method they used to get rid of Tricey before can be used again, tossing his remaining golf ball away to make it run. The robots follow after them, unable to go faster than a walking pace, shooting lasers at them until Tricey turns a corner and loses them. The robots are annoyed; they used to be faster, but all this time on the ship has rusted them.

The Doctor then wonders how they are going to stop as Tricey is closing in on a wall; they fall off and have a hard landing. The ISA contacts the ship and the Doctor answers via the monitor; he claims to be able to turn the ship around, with a precious cargo on board. However, the head of the ISA, Indira, refuses to listen to the Doctor and informs him that the missiles will be launched within a few minutes. The Doctor, Rory and Brian try finding the TARDIS so they can collect Amy, Riddell and Nefertiti before coming up with a new plan. However, Solomon finds them with the security cameras and teleports to their location with his clumsy robots. Solomon explains that his ship has detected the missiles, saying the Doctor wasn't lying.

Neffy goes with solomon

Nefertiti gives herself up to save the others' lives.

Solomon then explains his scanner found something just as valuable as the dinosaurs, and he is amazed that the Doctor has been able to procure this "item". He demands that Nefertiti be handed over to him, as he can't fit a dinosaur in his ship. When the Doctor refuses, Solomon has Tricey shot and killed to prove he's serious. Amy, Riddell, and Nefertiti arrive via the teleporter. Nefi willingly goes with Solomon to ensure the safety of everyone else. Solomon then has them teleported back to his ship, preparing to leave.

The Doctor quickly leads everyone to the control room, explaining that Solomon couldn't control the ship because the Silurians designed it to require two pilots who share similar DNA. Brian offers to pilot the ship with Rory — since they are father and son, they share similar DNA. The Doctor has them sit down in the control chairs and tells them how to work the controls. He orders Riddell to guard the room against anything that might attack them; Riddell complies.

The Doctor then opens part of the console and begins fiddling with the wiring; he asks Amy to talk to him as he works better when multitasking. Amy expresses her fear that his visits are becoming farther and farther apart; one day, he might never show up. However, the Doctor quickly comforts Amy by explaining that he'll always come to see them. He also learns Amy quit her job after their last meeting, in part because she never knows when he'll show up again.

The Doctor takes a glowing green orb from inside where he's been fiddling with the controls, telling Amy he's going to teleport to Solomon's ship to conduct Phase 1, saying Phase 2 has been completed. Amy corrects him, explaining 2 comes after 1, but gets laughter in return. The Doctor says that while humans are always linear about planning, he's not.

Riddell and amy

Amy and Riddell guard the entrance.

Riddell returns, stating that guarding the control room is a "two-man" job; Amy takes a gun, stating that she's easily worth two men, but Riddell can help as well. Amy joins him outside the room as a group of raptors close in. They shoot the electric tranquillisers into the dinosaurs several times, knocking them out. Riddell expresses interest in taking a dinosaur tooth back with him as a souvenir from the adventure as they continue knocking out the dinosaurs.

Back at the Indian Space Agency, one of the staff notices that the ship has turned around. However, Indira doesn't care; the missiles are still going to hit it.

Father and son flying lesson

Rory and Brian fly the ark.

In the control room, Brian is laughing with joy as he's piloting a spaceship full of dinosaurs.

In the meantime, Solomon has realised the Doctor has magnetised the Silurian ark to prevent his ship from leaving, just as the Doctor appears behind him and short-circuits the robots to prevent them from assisting. Solomon tells the Doctor that he will not let go of such a valuable item, offending Nefertiti, who knocks him down. As Nefi pins Solomon to the ground with his crutch, the Doctor jokes not to mess with Egyptian queens. Preparing to take Nefi back to the ark, the Doctor informs Solomon that he'll receive a consolation prize: the missiles meant for the ark. He places the orb, which emits the signal the missiles are locked onto, in Solomon's ship and teleports away with Nefi.

The ship is de-magnetised. Solomon screams in terror as his ship takes off and is hit by the missiles, exploding. At the same time, Rory and Brian pilot the ship away from Earth and into the emptiness of space.

With the ship safely piloted into an empty area of space, the Doctor has the chance to take it and the dinosaurs to somewhere else in the universe where they can live on a new planet in peace. Preparing to take everyone back, the Doctor is told by Amy and Rory that they wish to return home; he accepts this. However, Brian asks the Doctor for a favour before he takes him back home.

Brian's lunch seat

Brian enjoys lunch and the view of Earth.

Later, Brian enjoys his lunch, sitting on the edge of the TARDIS doorway, looking down on the Earth. Amy and Rory look at him with smiles as the Doctor comes from behind and hugs them. Elsewhen, Riddell has been taken back to the time and place the Doctor took him from, only one thing is different: Nefertiti has decided to stay with him.

Back in London, Rory is checking the light-bulb Brian previously tried to fix, agreeing that his father was right — it might be the fixture. Amy enters, saying they got another bunch of postcards from Brian. She puts them on the fridge, showing that Brian has now taken to seeing the world. Amy and Rory stare at the last postcard before putting it on the fridge; it's of Siluria, the new home of the dinosaurs, which Brian and the Doctor have just visited.



General production staff

Script department

Camera and lighting department

Art department

Costume department

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General post-production staff

Special and visual effects


Not every person who worked on this adventure was credited. The absence of a credit for a position doesn't necessarily mean the job wasn't required. The information above is based solely on observations of the actual end credits of the episodes as broadcast, and does not relay information from IMDB or other sources.

Uncredited crew[]

The Mill[2]

Millennium FX[1]





Sports & hobbies[]


  • The Doctor's psychic paper is set to "Temporal News Feed". Its alert noise is a horn honking.
  • Solomon uses an IV System "Identify and Value: the database of everything across space and time, allocated a market value".
  • Rory uses an ice patch on Brian's burn.


  • Brian thinks the pterodactyls are kestrels.
  • The Doctor implies that there are several species native to, or at least residing on, the Moon — although he may be joking.


  • The Doctor recognises that the music being played by Solomon in his spacecraft is "Fantasia in F minor" for four hands, by Franz Schubert. When asked if he knows it, the Doctor claims that he served as hands three and four. He adds that "Schubert kept tickling [him] to try to put [him] off."


  • The Doctor jokes that Brian and Rory's habit of stating the obvious is hereditary.


Story notes[]

  • This episode received an Appreciation Index of 87.[4]
  • The Doctor claims to be a Sagittarius, but qualifies this statement by adding, "Probably." Interestingly enough, November 23, the first airdate of Doctor Who in 1963 falls during the time that Sagittarius is deemed by astrologers to be occupied by the sun using the tropical astrological calendar. In the sidereal astrological calendar, the sun was on the Libra/Scorpio border at the time of first airing.
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship logo

The unique logo for Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

  • In a moment of excitement, the Doctor kisses Rory on the mouth after Rory suggests checking if the Silurian Ark has defence systems. This is the second same-sex kiss featured in the series and the first initiated by the Doctor. The first kiss was between Captain Jack Harkness and the Ninth Doctor in TV: The Parting of the Ways. Rory previously kissed the Doctor, believing him to be Amy, in COMIC: As Time Goes By. Unlike the previous on-screen same-sex kiss, this one was completely improvised by Matt Smith.
  • For this episode, the Doctor Who logo's texture resembles scales, like those of a dinosaur. It is also given a green hue.
  • Mark Williams (Brian Williams) previously played Maxwell Edison in AUDIO: The Eternal Summer.
  • The CGI models of the raptors are the same as those used in the show Primeval.
  • The costumes for Robot 1 and Robot 2 were remodelled from ones used on CBBC's Mission 2110. Neill Gorton of Millennium FX felt that the “Roboidz" had been underutilised on that series and could easily be retooled for use on Doctor Who.
  • With this story, Rory became the only individual known to have travelled in the TARDIS with both his own parent and own child.
  • Mark Williams and David Bradley both appeared in the Harry Potter films as Arthur Weasley and Argus Filch, respectively.
  • David Bradley played Walder Frey in Game of Thrones. Matt Smith would later play Daemon Targaryen in the prequel series House of the Dragon.
  • Arthur Darvill and David Bradley would later appear in Chris Chibnall's series Broadchurch.
  • Chris Chibnall based Solomon on "a well-known nightclub owner with long hair". He described him as "half businessman, half Somali pirate".
  • Chris Chibnall knew that his episode would be one of the last to feature Rory, and so he wanted to explore the Williams family while he had the chance.
  • Chris Chibnall was keen to depict the Doctor adventuring with a “gang”. Its other two members were originally both real historical figures, but only Nefertiti would be included in the final narrative.
  • Nefertiti's involvement was appealing to Chris Chibnall, because she debatably disappeared from the historical record, with no clear evidence of the manner of her death. Consequently, Chibnall felt that Nefertiti could have plausibly gone off travelling with the Doctor, ending her days elsewhere in space and time.
  • John Riddell's role was originally frontiersman Charles “Buffalo” Jones, who helped save the American bison from extinction. However, Steven Moffat was concerned that this character was too similar to the cowboys of A Town Called Mercy.
  • Chris Chibnall's intention was that Riddell had once saved the life of the Doctor, who was now giving him one last thrilling experience, because Riddell was fated to die the day after he was collected from the African plains. This backstory was eventually lost in editing.
  • Originally, Nefertiti knocked the Doctor out and gave her own life to destroy Solomon's ship. When this denouement was felt to be too similar to other self-sacrificial moments in the season, Steven Moffat instead suggested that the Doctor and Nefertiti could be saved by having the TARDIS materialise around them as the missiles struck Solomon's pod. Subsequently, however, Moffat decided that this approach lacked drama. He also wanted to explore what happened to the Doctor when he travelled without regular companions, and so the Doctor would now abandon Solomon to his death.
  • Although the realisation of the dinosaurs would be partly accomplished through practical means, a substantial amount of computer animation would also be required. To give The Mill sufficient time to complete the episode's effects work, it was decided that the episode would form part of season seven's first production block alongside A Town Called Mercy.
  • The demands of the dinosaur animation also meant that any other complex sequences had to be curtailed. As a result, Chris Chibnall had to drop a scene in which a pair of ankylosaurs inadvertently launched the TARDIS out of an airlock and into space.
  • Bleytal was named after Barry Letts.
  • Filming at Southerndown Beach were curtailed by rainfall.
  • The Silurian Ark surpassed the Underhenge set from The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang as the largest set ever built for the series. It was surpassed by the Dalek Parliament for Asylum of the Daleks.
  • Tricey was partly realised as an animatronic prop boasting a head designed by Gary Pollard. An alumnus of the Jim Henson Workshop, Pollard hewed to modern theories about triceratops physiology, although some license was taken to enlarge the eyes in order to make Tricey more endearing.
  • Steven Moffat said that putting dinosaurs on a spaceship was "the secret of success".
  • As Asylum of the Daleks was a darker season premier, Steven Moffat wanted this episode to be more about fun.
  • In Steven Moffat's pitch to Chris Chibnall, he proposed, "Maybe it's a ship heading towards Earth, and Earth is on alert". Moffat suggested the spaceship was Silurian, and Chibnall felt that it was "a nice reveal and shows you more about them, even in a story that isn’t really about them".
  • Chris Chibnall suggested including a "bonkers" gang of characters picked from around time and space. He felt that Doctor Who could have "collisions of characters that no other show in the world can do", and that it was about finding a "disparate" group of characters who would "bounce" off each other.
  • Rupert Graves had previously played Greg Lestrade in Steven Moffat's Sherlock.
  • Caroline Skinner called the casting of David Mitchell and Robert Webb as the robots "perfect".
  • The production team had to be mindful of the series' budget when planning the effects and sets; Chris Chibnall commented that "it would be very easy to spend £300m on this, but we don’t have it". As such, the dinosaurs could not dominate the episode, and Chibnall had to tell "a big other story".
  • The scene where Amy, Riddell, and Nefertiti stumble upon a sleeping Tyrannosaurus rex was almost cut, as it was originally intended to feature CGI raptors, which were too expensive. However, Millennium FX realised they could use a baby T-Rex that had been in an exhibit they designed.
  • Matt Smith had to wear padded trousers when riding the triceratops, and recalled it was "a painful couple of hours, a laugh though and definitely worth it".
  • Half of the triceratops was actually built and pushed by crewmen when Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, and Mark Williams were riding it. The rest of it was filled in with CGI by The Mill.
  • John Riddell was written for a man in his thirties. Rupert Graves was forty-eight at the time.
  • Solomon Kane was written for a man in his fifties. David Bradley was sixty-nine at the time.
  • The Doctor snogging Rory was ad-libbed by Matt Smith. Arthur Darvill's reaction was genuine.
  • Angel Coulby was originally offered the role of Nefertiti.


  • The episode was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 8 September 2012, and on the same date on BBC America in the United States. Overnight ratings showed that it had been watched by 5.5 million viewers live in the UK. Final consolidated ratings rose to 7.57 million viewers.[5] The episode also received 1.8 million requests during the month of September on BBC iPlayer, placing it second on the chart behind "Asylum of the Daleks". It also received an Appreciation Index of 87, considered "excellent".
  • In Canada, on Space, the episode was watched by an average calculation of 575,000 viewers, making it the most watched item on the channel that week.

Filming locations[]

  • The scenes in the engine room were filmed at Southerndown beach

Production errors[]

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • The Doctor's socks constantly change from stripy blue socks to his normal black socks.
  • On the final postcard sent by Rory's dad, the TARDIS exterior resembles how it looked before the redesign in The Eleventh Hour. However, as it was an illustration, continuity-wise it could just be an artist interpretation.
  • When they first land the TARDIS on the spaceship, only the windows at the door are lit while the ones at the side are not given any lights.
  • The flying reptiles identified by the Doctor as "pterodactyls" are actually pteranodons, a distantly related, though distinctly different genus of pterosaur, as noted by the distinctive spike-like crest on the back of their heads. ('Pterodactyl' is a more common vernacular substitute for 'Pterosaur', the class of flying reptiles to which Pteranodon belongs. So the naming is correct.)
  • Shots of the TARDIS and Solomon's ship next to the Silurian ark show it is nowhere near the size of Canada (10 million square kilometres).
  • When Amy is at the Silurian console, she picks up a small flat white disc, however, when she inserts it into the console, it is spherical.
  • The first shot of the Earth (while Brian is having lunch at the TARDIS doors) is flipped; Spain is to the east and Saudi Arabia is to the west.


Home video releases[]


Series 7, part 1 DVD cover.

DVD & Blu-ray releases[]

  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, along with the rest of the first half of the series (episodes one through to five) was released as Series 7 Part One on DVD and Blu-ray in region 1/A on 13 November 2012, in region 2/B on 29 October 2012 and in region 4/B on 14 November 2012.
  • Also, this episode was released as part of the Complete Seventh Series boxset on DVD and Blu-ray in region 1/A on 24 September 2013, in region 2/B on 28 October 2013 and in region 4/B on 30 October 2013.

Digital releases[]

  • In the United Kingdom, this story is available on BBC iPlayer.

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