the digtal bio-converter (COMIC: Monster Hunt)

A digital bio-converter was a device owned by the Krulius. It was on his right arm.

He needed it to keep his cargo and himself save. The cargo was a dozen of alien lifeforms, taking from specific locations in the galaxy, stored in quasi-digital suspension, each held within his own data-pod.

In 2009, when a spaceship with the Kruluis and the pilot was going to hit Earth the Krulius wanted to make sure that he and his data-pods were save.

He converted the aliens within the data-pods and himself into digital bio-data by using digital bio-converter. The bio-data would be uploaded to the nearest compatible computer.

At 13 Bannerman Road Mr Smith told Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer that some kind of alien life, converted into digital bio-data streamed directly into the internet. Rani and Clyde helped Mr Smith to track these aliens down. Mr Smith wasn't able to transmit the last alien, the Krulius, back to the planet Dothos and the Krulius appeared inside the attic.

The Krulius used the digital bio-converter on lifeforms like the Sontarans, the Bane, the Raxacoricofallapatorians and the Graske. (COMIC: Monster Hunt)

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