Dicken was a Ganger cloned from the 22nd century Earth miner of the same name. When the Gangers gained a sense of individuality, Dicken answered to Jennifer Lucas. Unlike the rest of the Gangers, Jennifer wanted to destroy the humans for what they had done to their previous Gangers. Dicken initially agreed, however later took orders from Cleaves's Ganger after realising that he is not a monster. Along with Cleaves and Jimmy Wicks, Dicken went to free the humans from an acid room, Jimmy dying the process. Although escaping the mutant Jennifer, his counterpart sacrificed his life trying to buy some time. He managed to survive, and the Ganger Dicken was free to live his own life. The Doctor dropped off Miranda Cleaves and him at a press conference to help make the plight of the Gangers known to the rest of the world. (TV: The Almost People)
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