Dick was a friend of Iris Wildthyme's in her youth.

Dick became friends with Iris because he sensed that her destiny was greater than that of anyone he had ever met. Even though he hated Iris, he remained her friend as he knew that one day it would benefit him.

Whilst playing in the desert one day, Dick and Iris found the wreckage of an old bus in the sand. Dick and Iris returned home, deciding that they would come back later to explore fully.

Upon returning to the bus, Dick held Iris and her new friend Panda at gunpoint and began stealing relics from the wrecked bus. Whilst his back was turned, Iris and Panda escaped in the bus, leaving Dick alone.

When the people of the Clockworks decided to follow Iris into the universe, Dick followed them, and brought Wherewithal House and Iris' aunties with him. Dick resided underneath the surface of Hyspero for millennia in wait of Iris' return.

When Iris did return, Dick showed her and Panda to Wherewithal House and helped Iris' aunties try to trick Iris into staying with them. (PROSE: Wildthyme Beyond!)

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