Dibber was Sabalom Glitz's uneducated but sensible henchman from the planet of Salostopus in the galaxy of Andromeda.

Biography Edit

Circa the year 2,000,000, Dibber accompanied Sabalom Glitz to Earth (which was known as Ravolox at the time). Prior to this visit, Dibber had spent some time in prison. Dibber and Glitz were hired to acquire Time Lord files stolen by a group of Andromedans known as the Three Sleepers. To do so, they had to disable the black light power system that powered Drathro, an L3 robot that protected the Three Sleepers and the data that they had stolen.

Before carrying out their plan, they were imprisoned by Katryca, warrior queen of the Tribe of the Free. During their escape, Dibber destroyed the black light system receiver with a grenade. Dibber and Glitz then made their way into Drathro's base built out of the remains of the London Underground, where they were able to convince the dying Drathro they had a black light power system on their spaceship. Drathro fell for their lies and followed them towards the surface with the Time Lord data files. Drathro collapsed and blew up, burning the files in the process. (TV: The Mysterious Planet)

Accounts differ as to Dibber's activities after that point in his and Glitz's timeline. One account stated that Dibber was later killed while carrying out a heist with the aid of the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher, (PROSE: Impractical) while another claimed that he was still alive and working with Glitz after Glitz's exploits on Iceworld. (PROSE: Head Games, Goth Opera)

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