You may be looking for the real-life Dez Skinn.

Dez Skinn was a human Marvel UK editor who created Doctor Who Weekly. He was an outrageously 1970s man with a long blonde beard and hair and spoke in a thick cockney accent.

Biography Edit

While flipping through an issue of one of Marvel UK's rivals, Televisual Comic, Skinn discovered that they had stopped publishing Doctor Who comics, suggesting "t'licence" was now "up for grabs". He went to bed intending to speak with various publishers about a potential Doctor Who-themed publication, only to dream of all third parties misunderstanding the core concepts of Doctor Who and turning in insane end results such as the superhero comic Timelord or the pre-school cutesy adventure Sergeant Who's Jelly Baby Adventures.

When he awoke and realised it had all just been a terrible dream, this inspired Skinn to put together a dummy issue by himself and take it straight to the BBC. After it was approved, he headed to a nearby comic-con to announce the upcoming inception of Doctor Who Weekly, only to face the exact same misunderstandings as he was asked such questions as "Who's strongest? The Doctor or the Hulk?", "Will the Doctor join the Avengers?" and "What's his superpower?" by the Marvel fans in attendance. (NOTVALID: The Origin of Doctor Who Magazine)

Behind the scenes Edit

A parody of the real Dez Skinn (who is, in real life, bald and clean-shaven), this character starred in The Origin of Doctor Who Magazine, a The Daft Dimension comic special created for DWM 544 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the magazine itself. The comic is, however, not considered valid by this Wiki due to its parodical and fourth-wall-breaking nature. By extension, the same goes for this take on the "character" of Dez Skinn.

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