Skinn as he appeared in 1999 (MM VHS 47)

Dez Skinn is an important figure in the history of British comics. He is in many ways a "British Stan Lee", given the number of publications he launched.

To Doctor Who fans, he is best known as the founding editor of Doctor Who Magazine, known during his tenure as Doctor Who Weekly. He edited it from issue 1 to 22, but he's responsible for much of the current magazine. Chief amongst these was his vision of a comic strip featuring the current incarnation of the Doctor, but drawn in an American style. He hired the book's first comic teams, including Pat Mills, John Wagner, Dave Gibbons, Steve Dillon and Steve Parkhouse. He also co-wrote Timeslip, one of the most oft-reprinted strips in Doctor Who comics history.

For hardcore comics fans, his decision to reprint early American strips in the Tales from the TARDIS backup series offered rare glimpses at the early, non-super hero work of Marvel Comics greats like Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

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