Devesham Woods real

Sarah by the Doctor's TARDIS in the real Devesham Woods. (TV: The Android Invasion)

Devesham Woods was located in the English village of Devesham. When the Kraals created a reproduction of Devesham on Oseidon, it included an artificial copy of Devesham Woods. The Doctor's TARDIS landed there.

When Sarah Jane Smith put the TARDIS key into the lock, this cancelled the TARDIS's pause control — as a result of which, the ship dematerialised and travelled to the real wood, that being its intended destination. Fleeing from the Kraal androids, Sarah hid up one of the artificial trees. The Fourth Doctor hid by submerging himself in a nearby body of water.

On Earth, in the real wood, Sarah was confronted at the TARDIS by an android replica of the Doctor. A replica of her own person emerged from a retro tube that had landed nearby. After the Kraals were defeated, the Doctor and Sarah returned to Devesham Woods and left in the TARDIS. (TV: The Android Invasion)