Deva Loka, also known by its Galactic Federation designation as S14, was a tropical jungle planet inhabited by the peaceful, mute, and telepathic Kinda.

There was no disease, no bad weather, and the trees furited in sequence all year round. (PROSE: Panna) In addition to jungles, the planet had warm seas, multi-coloured birds, jewelled insects, and no predators, making it an ideal "paradise." (PROSE: Kinda)

A human expeditionary force was sent to Deva Loka to check its suitability for colonisation. Three members of the force — one of whom was named Roberts — went missing, presumably due to the Mara, who organised the Kinda to attack the expedition until it was repelled by the Fifth Doctor. Deva Loka was afterwards reclassified as unsuitable for colonisation. (TV: Kinda)

Circa 3985, Deva Lokan wind chimes were present aboard the Ice Warrior ship Bruk. (PROSE: Legacy)

Later, the Tenth Doctor decided to go there to relax. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

Deva Loka was one of the planets that did not accept the format of star map produced by Kasterborous, preferring to make their own system. (PROSE: Short Trips: Zodiac)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Along with the other Buddhist themes of Kinda, "Deva Loka" translates to "Land of the Gods."

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