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You may be looking for Destiny of the Doctors video game.

Destiny of the Doctor was an eleven-volume audio collaboration between Big Finish Productions and AudioGO to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

One audio story was released each month between January and November of 2013, each featuring a different incarnation of the Doctor. The series began in January with a First Doctor story and proceeded chronologically through the Doctors until it culminated with an Eleventh Doctor story in November. The first 10 stories were connected by way of the Eleventh Doctor sending his former selves instructions, with this incarnation of the Doctor making a mixture of subtle and overt cameo appearances in each story; the context of these instructions was explained in the final story.

The releases used only one or two narrators, similar to The Companion Chronicles. This series marked the first time the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness and Donna Noble have been featured in audios produced by Big Finish, whose licence up until this point had restricted the company to productions using the first eight Doctors and related characters only. Night of the Whisper was also the first original-to-audio Ninth Doctor adventure. Each episode featured as its primary reader an actor or actress who played a companion, with the exception of Night of the Whisper, which was read by Nicholas Briggs.

Distribution of the series was disrupted near its end due to AudioGO going into administration in October and cancelling all future releases. Big Finish subsequently made the final volume, The Time Machine available as a download and, later in November, issued a CD release of the story. AudioGO had also planned to release an 11-disc box set of the complete series. This too was released by Big Finish in December, though quickly ran out of stock.

On September 2016, Big Finish released Destiny of the Doctor: The Complete Adventure, collecting all 11 stories into one box set.


# Title Author Doctor Companion(s) Released
1 Hunters of Earth Nigel Robinson First Doctor Susan January 2013
2 Shadow of Death Simon Guerrier Second Doctor Jamie, Zoe February 2013
3 Vengeance of the Stones Andrew Smith Third Doctor The Brig, Yates, Benton March 2013
4 Babblesphere Jonathan Morris Fourth Doctor Romana April 2013
5 Smoke and Mirrors Steve Lyons Fifth Doctor Adric, Nyssa, Tegan May 2013
6 Trouble in Paradise Nev Fountain Sixth Doctor Peri June 2013
7 Shockwave James Swallow Seventh Doctor Ace July 2013
8 Enemy Aliens Alan Barnes Eighth Doctor Charley August 2013
9 Night of the Whisper Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Ninth Doctor Rose, Jack September 2013
10 Death's Deal Darren Jones Tenth Doctor Donna October 2013
11 The Time Machine Matt Fitton Eleventh Doctor Alice November 2013

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