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Descendance is a Radio Times comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor and Stacy Townsend.


The Eighth Doctor and Stacy arrive on the planet Mars and are captured by Ice Warriors, the fierce reptilians who live there. The Doctor becomes involved in a conflict between two Ice Warrior rival houses. During this conflict, Risstaal is shot and Tusstokk protects Stacy by standing on the front of a blast. The Doctor and Stacy were taken to Uzoxx and Luass, to whom he promised to bring Izaxyrl back. They then went off, along with Ssard, but their vehicle blew up before they reached their destination. When the Doctor woke up, he was with Artix, who demanded him to take Izaxyrl back to his home. As Izaxyrl had missed his ascendancy ritual, he would never be able to become High Lord of Balazarus Mons, meaning that Artix would assume the title. After Izaxyrl recovered his health, he offered to help the Doctor to rescue his friends.



  • The Doctor and Stacy witness Izaxyrl undergo the Ritual of Tuburr, an early period ascendancy rite. Spying on a young noble taking in part in this rite is punishable by death.
  • The Ice Warriors live in a society based on feudalism with rival houses.
  • An Ice Lord is one of the Ice Warriors higher castes.
  • Ice Warrior technology includes air cars and matter transporters.
  • Ice Lords pass on to meet the Spirit of Tuburr.


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