Lord Dervishage was a Lord Celestial. One of Dervishage's forms was an armoured god of Epsilon Indri.

Entarodora projected her consciousness into Mictlan to request help from Dervishage. She claimed that House Lineacrux would forgive him for being part of the Celestis if he acted as an agent of hers on The Brakespeare. Dervishage agreed to Entarodora's offer.

However, once on The Brakespeare, Dervishage betrayed Entarodora by setting himself up as the pirate lord of the Cancer Empire. Because The Brakespeare was outside the Spiral Politic, Dervishage was able to quickly expand his empire by making everyone that died on The Brakespeare his servants. Dervishage took on the title "Captain No-one" and planned to take over The Brakespeare.

Nebaioth journeyed to the heart of the Cancer Empire and encountered Dervishage. Nebaioth wounded Dervishage with a training cell. (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)

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