Derren Brown

Around the 2010s, when UNIT brought the Doctor's TARDIS to Trafalgar Square in a helicopter, they decided to attribute the event to Derren Brown as their cover story. It was not the first time they had done so, so they sent him flowers as an apology. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

He was known for performing mind control as a magical illusion, (AUDIO: Prisoner of the Ood) as well as other mind tricks, (AUDIO: Masters of Worlds) as well as for his memory. (PROSE: Gatecrashers)

When the Eleventh Doctor was being psychically probed, he wondered if it was Derren Brown again. (PROSE: Dead of Winter)

In 2009, Clyde Langer told Rani Chandra that aliens had "more tricks up their sleeve than Derren Brown". (PROSE: Day of the Clown)

In 2012, Sgt Andy Davidson told PC Yorke that he was a police officer, "not Derren bloody Brown", so he would not be prone to trying to get into the minds of criminals. (AUDIO: Fallout)

In 2016, when Tanya Adeola was partially invisible due to bone spiders' spiderweb, Miss Quill suggested that they "get Derren Brown on the phone". (PROSE: The Stone House)

Sam Bishop compared the Master, an adversary of UNIT known for his mind tricks, to Derren Brown. The Master, unaware of who Derren Brown was, was intrigued by this reference and suggested that they meet. (AUDIO: Masters of Worlds)

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