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'''Derek Slee''' provided the [[studio lighting]] for several ''[[Doctor Who]]'' television stories.
'''Derek Slee''' provided the [[Studio Lighting]] for several Doctor Who stories.
== Credits ==
* ''[[Planet of the Daleks (TV story)|Planet of the Daleks]]''
* ''[[Death to the Daleks (TV story)|Death to the Daleks]]''
* ''[[Revenge of the Cybermen (TV story)|Revenge of the Cybermen]]''
* ''[[The Hand of Fear (TV story)|The Hand of Fear]]''
* ''[[The Face of Evil (TV story)|The Face of Evil]]''
* ''[[The Sun Makers (TV story)|The Sun Makers]]''
== External links ==
*[[Planet of the Daleks]]
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*[[Death to the Daleks]]
*[[Revenge of the Cybermen]]
*[[The Hand of Fear]]
*[[The Face of Evil]]
*[[The Sun Makers]]
==External links==
**{{imdb name|id=0805687|name=Derek Slee}}
[[Category:Doctor Who lighting technicians]]
[[Category:Doctor Who lighting technicians|Slee]]

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Derek Slee provided the studio lighting for several Doctor Who television stories.


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