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Sir Derek Jacobi, CBE (born 22 October 1938[1]) voiced an alternative Master in the animated webcast Scream of the Shalka before returning as a version of the Master (billed as "Professor Yana") in the televised Doctor Who episode Utopia. He reprised his role as the Master at Big Finish, in The War Master.

Jacobi also voiced Martin Bannister and Doctor Who in the Doctor Who Unbound audio drama Deadline.

He was one of many names put forward for the part of the Eighth Doctor.[2] Jacobi finally did get to play the Eighth Doctor when he and the Master swapped bodies in the audio anthology Hearts of Darkness.

He was also considered for the role of Captain Rorvik in Warriors' Gate. (TCH 33)


According to an interview he gave for Doctor Who Confidential, being on Doctor Who was a long term goal of his, ever since the 1960s, as was playing a part on Coronation Street. He has also played the Roman Emperor Claudius in I, Claudius and Ellis Peters' medieval-detective Brother Cadfael on ITV Television in the 1990s (interestingly, in season 1 the other main character of the series was played by Sean Pertwee, son of Jon Pertwee). Cadfael's role has also been played on radio by Philip Madoc and Glyn Houston. He also voiced Ivor Operatski in the children's TV series Angelina Ballerina alongside Finty Williams.

Philip Purser-Hallard said he pictured Derek Jacobi as Claudius whilst writing Of the City of the Saved.... He also pictured Jacobi as Alan Turing, which he said made writing parts where the two were together rather odd.[3]

He appeared in the BAFTA award-winning series Last Tango in Halifax, alongside Anne Reid, Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker and Tony Gardner.

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He is the partner of Richard Clifford,[4][5] who co-starred with Derek in Big Finish's audio anthology Anti-Genesis.

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