The Deputy Chief Caretaker was the second-in-command of the Caretakers in Paradise Towers, following the Chief Caretaker.

The Deputy led a Caretaker raid on the Fountain of Happiness Square in an attempt to cleanse it of Kangs. He managed to capture the Seventh Doctor and took him to the Chief Caretaker. After the Doctor was sentenced to death, the Deputy was tasked with guarding him. As his last request, the Doctor asked to see the rulebook by which the Caretakers governed their work. The Deputy granted this request and the Doctor fabricated several rules that the Deputy, and his fellow guards, then followed. These were to walk several paces from the prisoner, close their eyes and put their hand on their head. The Doctor then took the Deputy's key card and escaped.

Blaming him for this, the Chief ordered the Deputy to re-capture the Doctor. He tracked him to the Red Kang brainquarters, broke in and returned the Doctor to the Chief. The Deputy asked the Chief about the recent Caretaker death and was berated for speaking out of turn. He was once again tasked with guarding the prisoner but the Red Kangs broke in and tied him up, allowing the Doctor to escape.

When the cleaners began gassing each floor of Paradise Towers, the Deputy began the proceedings of Regulation ZZZ, during which all Caretakers were to act with caution and return to base. The Chief arrived back but the Deputy noticed he was no longer himself, as his mind had been taken over by Kroagnon. The Deputy then fled to Floor 304.

There he allied himself and his fellow Caretakers with the Doctor, Kangs, Rezzies and Pex. They then headed back down and prepared traps for Kroagnon. These never came into effect as Pex sacrificed himself to kill Kroagnon. In his honour, the inhabitants of Paradise Towers, including the Deputy, held a memorial service. (TV: Paradise Towers)

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