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Department X was the fifth release of the BBC Torchwood audio stories.

Publisher's summary[]

G.R. Owen is the last of Cardiff's old department stores. Times are hard and the ancient firm has gone into administration. But who are the Administrators? What goes on behind the shutters at night? And why are customers disappearing? Torchwood are already investigating.

G.R. Owen is the site of their oldest unsolved cases, and Jack is determined to solve it before the store closes forever — which is why Ianto is working undercover in gentlemen's fashions and Gwen is in handbags.

Are the new managers really aliens? What connection do they have to the mysterious G.R. Owen himself? And is Jack the only one looking for the Department of Curiosities, last seen in 1905?


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  • Jack references the title of the long-running Britcom Are You Being Served?
  • Ianto mentions pop singer Lady Gaga's fashion sense.
  • Woolworths and Borders are mentioned as companies that have closed.
  • Pound Paradise is a shop in Cardiff.
  • Gwen guiltily found the suffocation of a blowfish, trying to rehydrate in a toilet bowl, quite funny. She told Rhys that she'd seen so much death, she felt somewhat accustomed to it.
  • Upon leaving the job, Mavis stole a stapler.
  • Miss Valentine mimics the buzzer from Family Fortunes.
  • Firestone Finance has been using banking and administration to mask their true intentions since the 1930s, acquiring alien technology for their own enrichment.
  • Firestone uses a Dimension Gate to enter the Department of Curiosities. Jack mentions that if the walls between the two dimensions weren't already so thin, it would normally have taken them hours.
  • Miss Valentine is a telepath.