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Captain Dent was the leader of the IMC expedition to the planet Uxarieus in 2472.

Biography Edit

Dent discovered a rich vein of duralinium, and became convinced that the greater good was served by ensuring the human colonists under Robert Ashe were forced off the planet. Although careful to be seen to be conducting his affairs under the strict letter of the law, he was not above using murder as a means to accomplish his ends. He was not willing to broker any sort of compromise that might have allowed IMC to operate on the planet alongside the colonists. Ultimately, the colonists overpowered the IMC guards and Dent, with his surviving few IMC men were left to face the ruling of an adjudicator for their crimes. (TV: Colony in Space)

Personality Edit

Extremely controlled and detached, he was driven solely by profit, although he covered his greed with the thin morality of the phrase, "What's good for IMC is good for the Earth". At some level, he probably did believe that he was helping people. However, his larger motivation was simple, personal greed.

He was also not above covering up crimes and misdeeds by lying in official reports. Dent was a brilliant tactician - he was able to come up with a way to bring the colony to heel while making it look like he was giving in. (TV: Colony in Space)

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