Denise Riley MP was the Home Secretary in the British government during the 456 incident in 2009.

Biography Edit

Denise was a mother with at least two children, which caused her great anguish due to the terrible choice she had to make in order to appease the 456. She also had a brother with at least two children of his own. She attended a meeting of COBRA to discuss the 456 incident and their demand for 10% of Britain's children. She was critical of plans put forward by Rick Yates and the Defence Secretary as impractical, and the stress of the situation caused her to snap at the rest of the Cabinet.

Denise was the minister to say "what everyone else was thinking" and confirm that their children (and grandchildren) would be exempt - but could not keep her nieces and nephews safe. In response, she suggested to Prime Minister Brian Green that instead of selecting random schools, they select the bottom 10% achievers of the schools and give them to the 456. Believing that those who worked harder would staff the hospitals, offices, and factories of the future and those who graduated would be the leaders of the future, she said the bottom 10% would simply drain the country with benefits and fill up prisons. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Four) Denise's future in the government is not known, but she suggested that she would take over position as Prime Minister from Green. She also protected Bridget Spears from charges of espionage and promised to have Lois Habiba released from prison. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)

For at least a while, she remained Home Secretary as she was still in office when the Enochai-possessed trees attacked Greenwich Park. (COMIC: Don't Step on the Grass)

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