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Demontage was the twentieth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Justin Richards, released 1 March 1999 and featured the Eighth Doctor, Sam Jones and Fitz Kreiner.

Publisher's summary[]

The Vega Station — a haven for gamblers, art lovers and duty-free shoppers, the one place where the Battrulians and their erstwhile enemies, the Canvine, meet and mix, in neutral space. A pressure point, an explosive mixture. And just as the new President of Battrul is about to arrive, the TARDIS crew turn up.

Fitz is in trouble. He's accidentally got himself hired as an assassin while trying to emulate James Bond. And he's upset Bigdog Caruso, the unofficial Canvine leader on Vega.

Sam is in trouble. She's become involved with the key witness to a murder, and the witness has vanished.

The Doctor, meanwhile, has been roped in to help with investigations into robbery, sabotage and the murder, as well as to sort out Fitz's problems, Sam's problems and the President's safety. He's in his element.

And if they should get bored, there's a hitman on the loose, monsters roaming the station corridors, an exhibition of art by a painter who depicted his own death, and the opera.


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The Doctor's items[]


  • Fitz tries to act like James Bond and has read Casino Royale, which inspired his interest in casinos.


  • The Antherzons had visited Crastis Major and Tamba Bey.

Foods and beverages[]


  • President Robyn Drexler is president of Battrul.


Transport technology[]


  • Newark Reppare goes on from this story to appear in the novel Dragons' Wrath, placing this novel and Dragons' Wrath in the same time period.
  • This is the first EDA novel to include the Eighth Doctor's face on the cover.


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