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[[Category:Demons| ]]

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This article needs a big cleanup.

I don't think the word "demon", or even "Dæmon", appears in The Satan Pit. I'm not 100% if "evil" is either, but the description of the Kaled god of war and Earth, Dæmos and Draconia's "horned beasts" in Pit absolutely doesn't use any variant of "evil creature" or "evil god". Are devils and fallen angels even considered "gods"? They're almost certainly not in real-world Judeo-Christian religions.

These problems might be so great that the article's factual accuracy has been compromised. Talk about it here or check the revision history or Manual of Style for more information.

A Demon was an evil creature in the mythology of the humans, [source needed] although similar deities appeared in the religions of races such as the Kaleds and the Draconians. (TV: The Satan Pit) They were generally depicted as being humanoids, often with horns.

Demonic Beings

Self-Described Demons

Evil Entities

  • The Mara had some of the powers of demons, include the ability to possess bodies. (TV: Kinda, Snakedance)
  • Fenric had many of the qualities associated with demons. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)
  • The Master was seen to humans as a demon when his form was comprised solely of energy. He used demonic powers such as possession to find new hosts for his dying form. (PROSE: Prologue)

Similar Beings


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