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Delta and the Bannermen was the third and penultimate serial of season 24 of Doctor Who. It was the first serial since The Two Doctors to use a three-part format. With Delta, the three-parter would become a standard of the McCoy era.

The season was originally set to end with a six-parter. To save money this was split into a pair of three-part stories to be made by the same production team. Only the TARDIS sequences of Delta were filmed in studio, with the rest on location.

Delta was originally going to be set in 1957 to tie in with the launch of Sputnik 1; this was changed to '59 as it offered more of a rock 'n' roll theme. This allowed for a significantly larger array of music throughout. (INFO: Delta and the Bannermen)

Delta and the Bannermen made use of underlying darkness, a theme that would become more prevalent in the following two seasons as the Cartmel Masterplan came to the fore. The persona of McCoy's Doctor began to develop, with many of his witticisms displayed here. This was the first appearance of the question mark umbrella, McCoy's alternative to the pullover.

A number of recognisable faces appeared in Delta, such as Don Henderson and Hugh Lloyd and perhaps most notably, Ken Dodd. It was originally intended that Sara Griffiths, who portrayed Ray, would become a companion of the Doctor, with Bonnie Langford leaving the show. However, due to filming and airing schedules, Mel would leave in Dragonfire instead. (BBC DVD: Survival) Sophie Aldred auditioned for the part of Ray, but instead took the role of Ace - the Doctor's new companion. (INFO: Delta and the Bannermen)


Boarding a Nostalgia Tours bus, the Doctor and Mel go for a holiday. They will soon learn that their fellow passenger Delta is a Chimeron Queen, fleeing from the Bannermen who wish to make her species extinct. Thus, the time travellers' trip to Shangri-La turns into a battle against genocide...


Part one[]

On the planet Chumeria, the Chimerons are being killed, the Bannermen gunning them down. Gavrok orders them to take no prisoners. The Chimerons resist, but to no avail. Only Delta and a single male Chimeron are left. They make a break for the Bannerman ship. Gavrok is waiting onboard. He shoots the male and is about to kill Delta when the male shoots Gavrok. Injured, he falls from the craft. Before dying, the male tells Delta to take a mysterious object. Delta takes off in the craft.

The TARDIS lands at toll port G715. The Seventh Doctor and Mel are welcomed by the Tollmaster. They discover they are the ten billionth customers and get free parking and passes for the fabulous 50s tour, a whole week in 1959 Disneyland, Earth, conducted by Nostalgia Tours.

In Wales, two American CIA agents pull up beside a police box. One of them, Jerome Weismuller, takes out a phone and makes a call. He is told by the president's right-hand man to track a new satellite. He tells this to his partner, Hawk.

Back at the toll port, Mel and the Doctor discover they will be travelling with the Navarino 1950s club. The Navarinos pass through a transformation arch to appear human.

Bus trip

Mel travels with the Navarinos and Delta on board a bus.

They learn they will be travelling on a bus that can fly. The Doctor and Mel greet Murray, their pilot, but the Doctor elects to follow in the TARDIS, Mel to travel on the bus. On the Bannerman ship, Delta receives a transmission from Gavrok. Wherever she goes he will follow. He tells her she is the last of her kind. Delta lands at the toll port and boards the bus just as it takes off.

In Wales, the two Americans are attempting to pick up signals from the satellite with no success. Meanwhile, in space, the satellite is released and the bus crashes into it. In Wales, the two agents answer the phone and are told the satellite has gone haywire and it will hit Earth near their location.

The Doctor uses the TARDIS to control the bus' descent, encasing it in an anti-gravity spiral. He places it on Earth and lands nearby. The bus' passengers learn they are in Wales at the Shangri-La camp; they are greeted by the camp leader, Burton, who mistakes them for a bus of people who intend to stay there. They decide to stay at the camp until the bus is fixed.

The group are assigned rooms, with Delta and Mel in one. The Doctor and Murray meet Billy, the resident mechanic, who offers to help repair the bus. The trio pull the embedded satellite from a large dent in the bus' front. The Doctor enters the TARDIS and emerges with a Quarb crystal, the only one this side of the Softel Nebula. The crystal is needed to fix the bus. Billy removes the old crystal and the Doctor gives Murray the new one. A friend of Billy's, Ray, arrives. She hands Murray a tool and tells the Doctor she always carries them to be prepared. Murray is installing the crystal when he breaks it. The Doctor tells him he can accelerate growth in the TARDIS' thermo-booster and grow a crystal in twenty-four hours. Ray tells them of a dance later and they agree to attend.

In their room, Delta is frightened by a loud noise. Mel, whom she pulls a gun on, tells her it is the dinner gong. Mel moves to leave. She tells Delta she can be trusted and goes to dinner. Delta opens the mysterious object, revealing a strange-looking sphere within.

At the toll port, the Bannermen are questioning the Tollmaster. He tells them he lost track of the bus after it crashed. Gavrok shoots him. He instructs his men to plot a course for Earth and tells them he wants every informer in the galaxy looking for her.

In the camp, at dinner, Mel sits with the Doctor and informs him of Delta's gun and being edgy. Billy sits with Delta as they eat, showing attraction to her, to Ray's chagrin.

The Lorells

The Lorells performing at the Get-to-know-you-dance.

Later, at the Get-to-know-you-dance, the Doctor inspects Billy's stereo. Billy tells him he made it from spare parts from the war. Billy goes on stage and starts singing. Murray and Mel dance and the Doctor talks with Ray, who tells him she has had a crush on Billy since she was a child. Billy sings "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" for Delta; this saddens Ray, who dances with the Doctor instead, much to his confusion.

Outside, Weismuller and Hawk argue over who should leave the tent to blow out the fire. Eventually, Hawk goes. The Doctor leaves the dance and Delta leaves soon after. The Doctor follows her. In a linen and blanket storage room, the Doctor finds Ray crying over Billy. A tour passenger and mercenary, Keillor, enters and the Doctor and Ray hide. Keillor uses a radio to contact Gavrok and informs him of Delta's location. He asks for the reward, one million units. He uses the radio to give them a signal to follow. The Doctor sneezes, alerting the mercenary to their presence.

In their room, Delta thanks Mel for being kind to her and tells her that there is something she should know. They turn as the sphere breaks and a green alien emerges. Mel screams. In the storage room the mercenary finds the Doctor and Ray and prepares to kill them, declaring he kills for money and enjoyment; he knows who the Doctor is and takes joy in the prize he will get for taking out the legendary Time Lord.

Part two[]

Onboard his craft, Gavrok tells the pilot to arm the beacon hunter. He fires it and Keillor is ionised. The blast knocks the Doctor and Ray unconscious. Billy arrives at Delta and Mel's room. He enters to find Delta cradling the green alien. She invites him in.

Chimeron child

A newborn Chimeron; only the second left in existence.

Goronwy is tending his bees. The two Americans pull up outside and ask him if he has seen any lights in the sky. He tells them lots of times. He says he has seen pulsing lights and shooting stars. They ask if he has seen anything recently. He tells them he will ask his bees. Back at the room, Delta tells Billy everything; the alien is a baby Chimeron and she is a princess. The three leave Mel to sleep. They take a drive on Billy's motorbike, the Vincent.

The Doctor wakes in time to see them driving away. He returns to wake Ray and explains the beacon was detonated by the Bannermen to kill the mercenary. The pair return to find Mel and ask where Billy and Delta have gone, but Mel does not know. He tells her they need to evacuate the camp and Mel agrees to tell Murray to get the tour party out.

Billy and Delta arrive by the river. Delta tells Billy the child will double in size and weight in the next few hours. The Doctor and Ray try to explain the impending attack by the Bannermen to Burton, but he refuses to believe it. He tells the Doctor he will be convinced if he sees the Doctor's spaceship. Mel wakes Murray and informs him of the threat. The Doctor shows Burton his ship and he agrees to the evacuation. Murray tells everyone of the attack and they hurriedly pack to leave. The Doctor goes to check if the crystal is ready.

Burton announces on the speaker-system that all staff will assemble in his office. The Doctor gives Murray the near-finished crystal and tells him to leave with or without him. He leaves with Ray to find Delta. Burton explains the crisis to his staff and tells them to leave.

Billy, Delta and the child are seated by a river. The child makes a ringing noise; Delta tells Billy it is a song and a defence mechanism. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Ray search for them. Back at the camp, Burton assists in the evacuation.

On board his craft, Gavrok regrets destroying the beacon. He instructs his men that a full technology scan must be carried out to find Delta. Hawk is still attempting to find the satellite signal. Ray and the Doctor arrive and enquire if they have seen Delta and Billy. They haven't.

Take aim

The Bannermen take aim at Burton, Mel and the Seventh Doctor.

The crystal is ready and Murray installs it. Delta is feeding the child. She tells Billy she needs to get to the brood planet, where a case can be brought against Gavrok and the Bannermen. The Doctor and Ray find them and tell them of the Bannermen coming for her. They leave for the camp as Gavrok finds a high technology source.

Hawk gives up on finding the satellite and they watch the Bannermen landing their craft. The Bannermen take them as their prisoner. Gavrok leaves two men to guard them. Murray has fuelled up the bus and is ready to leave. He reluctantly agrees to leave Mel to wait for the Doctor. He boards the craft and is about to take off when the Bannermen arrive and shoot it. The passengers are all killed. Gavrok asks Mel if Delta was amongst them and she says yes.

The Bannermen celebrate their victory but then watch as Delta passes by on a motorbike. They fire upon her to no avail. Burton tells Gavrok to keep Mel alive as a hostage; he will use her as bait.

Delta picks up signals from Goronwy's bees telling her to come. Goronwy agrees to shelter Delta and the child. The Doctor borrows Billy's bike and a pillowcase to make a white flag. He rides to where the Bannermen are stationed. They shoot his flag. Outraged, the Doctor demands Mel and Burton be set free. He declares he will testify that he showed some mercy if they do so. Gavrok tells him he will never be brought to trial. The Bannermen release Mel and Burton. As the trio prepare to leave, the Bannermen take aim at them. The Doctor wonders if, actually, he may have gone a little too far...

Part three[]

The Doctor, Mel and Burton leave on Billy's motorbike, the white flag flying from it. Gavrok fires a flare gun into the sky. The two Bannermen guarding the Americans use a metal bar to chain the pair together, then leave them. Ray arrives and frees them with an Allen key from her bag. The former guards fire a tracker dart at Billy's bike as the Doctor drives it past.

At Goronwy's hives, Billy is helping in their car. Goronwy shows them his honey store, containing thousands of jars. Delta tells Billy that soon the child will grow again. She is feeding her Chimeron jelly to speed her growth. Ray brings the two Americans to the house. When no one is looking, Billy takes a packet of the jelly. The Bannermen guards return to find the Americans gone. They report this and the successful tracking of the bike to Gavrok and are ordered to follow the signal.

All tied up

The Bannermen are tied up after their defeat.

Gavrok booby traps the Doctor's TARDIS with a sonic cone. The Doctor drives to a field and attaches the tracker to a goat. He drives to Goronwy's house. Back at their craft, the Bannermen prepare to take off. The two guards arrive at Goronwy's house. The Chimeron child grows again and emits a loud, piercing noise that shatters windows and sends the Bannermen into disarray. Delta shoots and kills one; the other escapes. The Bannerman ship lands in the field where the Doctor placed the tracker. The Doctor turns on Goronwy's radio and places a piece of Delta's clothing under the door. They leave.

The Bannermen find the tracker. The guard who escaped reports to Gavrok that they have a hideout in Goronwy's house. They go to the house. Back at his TARDIS, the Doctor notices the booby trap; Hawk doesn't believe the Doctor and declares he will ring the chief. He reaches out and his hand is burnt by the cone. The Bannermen fire upon Goronwy's house. The Doctor declares that if the cone explodes with its full force, it could kill everyone. The Bannermen raid Goronwy's honey store. The jars fall upon them, covering them in honey, and bees attack them. Delta catches Billy eating the jelly, and he tells her that if he is to come with her, he must become a Chimeron. The Bannermen land outside the camp and move in to attack.

Flying away

Delta, Billy and the Chimeron princess leave Earth.

The Doctor and Billy install a speaker on the roof of the camp. The young Chimeron sings into the microphone. The Bannermen stumble around and Gavrok falls into the sonic cone to be atomised. Weismuller ties up the Bannermen. Meanwhile, Billy has fully changed into a Chimeron. Billy explains that without him changing into a Chimeron the species can't survive.

The three Chimerons leave in their ship with the Bannermen prisoners onboard. The Doctor says that Gavrok absorbed so much energy from the sonic cone it is now out of power. He then thanks Burton for saving Mel's life. Goronwy gives the Doctor a jar of 1928 hibiscus blossom as a parting gift.

As Burton welcomes a new busful of guests, the Doctor gives the Americans their satellite. They thank him, happy that they can report success.


Uncredited cast[]


Uncredited crew[]



  • The Navarino are squat, wrinkly, purple creatures who can shape change and time travel.
  • Chimeron males and infants are green. They were nearly wiped out by the Bannermen.
  • Goronwy has several beehives; his bees send out warnings of approaching danger.
  • The similarities between the bees and Chimerons is noted by Billy, who starts eating the food for the Chimeron and starts to change.


Earth locations[]

Sport clubs[]

Books from the real world[]

Foods and Beverages[]

Story notes[]

  • Working titles for this story were The Flight of the Chimeron and Flight of the Chimeron. This was the title in place when the story was filmed; the final title — a play on the name of a popular musical group of the 1980s, Echo & the Bunnymen, substituting "Echo" with "Delta" from the NATO phonetic alphabet — wasn't decided upon until the autumn of 1987.
  • TARDIS Cam dates toll port G715 to 4687.
  • During production, it was considered possible that the character of Ray in the story would become the new companion, replacing Mel. However, the character of Ace from Dragonfire was chosen instead.
  • The Doctor's question mark umbrella makes its first appearance. Sylvester McCoy preferred it to the question mark pullover.
  • Some long shots of Sylvester McCoy riding a motorbike show him wearing his glasses, which he normally removed before filming took place.
  • Keillor, the alien bounty hunter, is never referred to by name in the story's dialogue; his name is given only in the closing credits.
  • Although credited on-screen for all three episodes, Tracey and Jodie Wilson (Vocalists) appear on-screen only in part one and are heard only on incidental music tracks in parts two and three.
  • Jessica McGough (Young Chimeron) is credited as "Baby Chimeron" in Radio Times.
  • Laura Collins (Chimeron Princess) is credited as "Young Chimeron" in Radio Times.
  • At the time the episode was produced, Bonnie Langford was considering leaving the series midway through the season and Ray was intended to be her replacement. Langford ultimately chose to stay for the complete season and the idea of having Ray join the TARDIS crew was dropped; elements of the character, however, later inspired the creation of Ace, who became Mel's replacement at the end of the series. Coincidentally, Sophie Aldred auditioned for the role of Ray. She did not get the part but was eventually cast as Ace instead.
  • This was the first three-episode story (in the traditional twenty-five-minute episode format) since Planet of Giants in 1964. Each of McCoy's seasons would have two serials of this length.
  • This was the first and only classic series story to be extensively produced in Wales, Although The Abominable Snowmen, The Green Death and The Five Doctors had scenes filmed in Wales. In the case of The Green Death, it was set in Wales as well. When the series returned in 2005, it would be primarily produced in Wales, with a number of its earth-based stories also set there. The spinoffs, Torchwood, set almost exclusively in Wales, and The Sarah Jane Adventures were also produced and filmed in Wales. As noted below, the revived series even used some of the same locations as this story.
  • On several occasions, the Doctor is heard mangling Earth idioms; this aspect of the Doctor's personality was mostly abandoned after this story.
  • The final version of the story includes only one brief scene featuring the Doctor inside the TARDIS console room. The first edit of part one, included on the 2009 DVD, includes an additional console room scene with Mel, in which it was revealed the Doctor keeps petty cash in a jar secreted beneath the console. According to the production notes commentary, the original script called for another console room scene with Burton and Ray, but this was cut to avoid bringing the two actors to London to film the scene.
  • Lynn Gardner had been cast as Ray, but was injured during rehearsals with the motorbike and had to withdraw. The actress nonetheless received full pay and Sara Griffiths took the role. Because Gardner was still under contract, she was given the less strenuous role of the Announcer in Dragonfire instead.
  • In part two, Billy entered Delta's room with flowers and was surprised to see the baby. In the original edit for part one, Billy entered before the egg hatched and was most surprised when he watches it hatching.
  • Chris Clough named this as his favourite story because of the nostalgia. He was also impressed by the cast, especially Ken Dodd, who surprised him. Andrew Cartmel acknowledged that while it wasn't the best script, it was the one that the cast and crew got the most excited about.
  • Malcolm Kohll put a Vincent motorbike in the story because he was a fan and wanted to sit on one. He'd also been reading about bees.
  • Georgia Slowe was considered for Delta.[1]
  • Nicholas Ball, Kenneth Colley, Michael Elphick, Michael Gothard, Bernard Hill, Jeremy Kemp, Ronald Lacey, T. P. McKenna, Clifford Rose, Peter Vaughan, Simon Ward and David Warner were considered for Gavrok.
  • Joe Don Baker was considered for Weismuller.
  • Bob Monkhouse was originally offered the role of the Tollmaster, but was unavailable. Nicholas Parsons was also considered.
  • Ken Dodd's casting as the Tollmaster was cited by many as one of the most egregious examples of stunt casting in the show's history. Chris Clough recalled: "Was Ken Dodd controversial? It worked — it was my idea. It's a small part, but it's a fun cameo. I liked the idea of this build-up — the Doctor and Mel arriving at a Toll port that only has its landing light on, and you then get the tension of 'What's going on there?' and instead of something nasty, you get Doddy coming out with his razzer going, "Hello, welcome! Surprise, surprise! You've won a prize!""
  • Andrew Cartmel said, "It's not one of my favourite stories, but that's because I think various elements were pitted against it".
  • John Nathan-Turner suggested doing a story set in Wales because he was keen to move the programme outside the London area, while the notion appealed to Malcolm Kohll because he was familiar with the region from holidays on Barry Island and by virtue of the fact that his brother lived there.
  • Don Henderson, playing Gavrok, threw himself into the production; elements such as the Bannermen having purple tongues came at his suggestion.
  • The script originally contained more background about the Chimerons and the Bannermen, with the latter described as hailing from a planet which they had overpolluted to the point of making it uninhabitable, motivating their invasion of the Chimeron homeworld.
  • The Lorells were originally called the Shirells.
  • Make-up designer Gillian Thomas modified a Draconian mask from  Frontier in Space for the Chimeron male, although John Nathan-Turner and Andrew Cartmel were unhappy with the result.
  • Malcolm Kohll was disappointed that the garden world he had envisaged had instead become yet another example of an alien setting in Doctor Who being staged in a quarry. 
  • At Chris Clough's request, John Nathan-Turner agreed to allow his dog Pepsi to appear as Burton's pet. 
  • At rehearsals, Stubby Kaye said following the Doctor's confrontation with Gavrok, "Hot damn! He stood up to that big bugger, didn't he!"
  • Sylvester McCoy wished he'd been brave enough to give Ken Dodd direction on how to play his death scene, which was over the top.
  • Malcolm Kohll came up with the look of the Bannermen from the faceless banner-carrying armies in balletic King Hu films.
  • John Nathan-Turner said that this story was as close as Doctor Who got to being a musical.
  • Brian Hibbard, well known for his membership of the left-wing vocal group The Flying Pickets, adopted a South African accent for his role as the villainous Keillor as a statement of protest against Apartheid.
  • Malcolm Kohll personally selected various 1950s rock 'n roll songs which he felt were appropriate.
  • The infant Chimeron Princess was played by six-month-old Jessica McGough; her mother, Susan Johnson-Baker, was hired as one of the Navarinos.
  • In the original script, the launch of the American satellite predated Sputnik.
  • The story was originally set in 1957. It was changed to 1959 in order to incorporate rock 'n roll songs without any anachronisms.
  • Belinda Mayne had previously been considered for Romana.
  • Filming in Penarth fell badly behind schedule due to heavy rain.
  • John Nathan-Turner's dog Pepsi appeared as Burton's pet, at Chris Clough's direction.
  • The TARDIS scenes are the only studio-bound scenes in the whole story.
  • Don Henderson enjoyed filming the serial so much that he suggested to John Nathan-Turner that he make a return appearance as Gavrok's twin brother.
  • Stubby Kaye and Morgan Deare would later appear in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • "I remember we turned up- in a quarry - to do those opening scenes of Delta fleeing her planet and she had the natives of the planet with her. And the people who were responsible for making the aliens look alien, what they'd done was stuck some cotton wool on their faces and dyed it green. We were all working to the limits of our professionalism. Then me, John and the director turn up and you've got aliens running around with cotton wool stuck to their faces. And none of this is planned, nobody wants this to happen. I remember when we were doing the press screening at BAFTA and I was sitting next to this woman journalist and she saw this guy's face and she snorted with derisive laughter. When we turned up for that day on location and saw those aliens, we were so enraged. Everyone tried so hard, to the best of their abilities but somebody else had thought well, we can just get away with something. And then that journalist's response, people just can't take it seriously after seeing that. Someone just didn't try". Andrew Cartmel


The story's setting in the late 1950s resulted in a number of vintage songs from the era being heard or performed (though all had to be re-recorded by series composer Keff McCulloch and the Lorells). The songs heard in the serial are:

McCulloch appears on screen with the band performing a few of these. According to the DVD commentary, his then-fiancé was one of the backup singers on the recordings.


  • Part one - 5.3 million viewers
  • Part two - 5.1 million viewers
  • Part three - 5.4 million viewers

Filming locations[]

  • Springwell Quarry, Springwell Lane, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
  • Majestic Holiday Camp on Barry Island, South Glamorgan, Wales (The holiday camp itself no longer exists, the area having since been redeveloped as a housing estate, which was seen in The Zygon Inversion. Barry Island was the filming location for parts of the 2005 episodes The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.)
  • Pyscodlyn Mawr Reservoir, Hensol Forest, Welsh St Donats, South Glamorgan
  • Sutton Farm, Fort Road, Penarth, South Glamorgan
  • Coed Y Wallas, Castle upon Alun, Mid Glamorgan
  • British Tissues Hangar (Now known as Georgia Pacific GB Ltd), Llandow Trading Estate, Llandow, South Glamorgan
  • BBC Television Centre (TC3), Shepherd's Bush, London

Production errors[]

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • In the long shots of the Doctor driving the Vincent he is wearing his glasses but in the close-ups, he is not. Sylvester McCoy normally wore glasses and removed them before recording or filming, but on this occasion, he had forgotten to do so.
  • When the cruiser lands at Shangri-La, its wheel can be seen suspended in the air before it drops to the ground.
  • The Doctor cradles a Squire Stratocaster electric guitar, however, Squire branded guitars did not exist until 1983/4.
  • The nylon mesh "trucker hat" style baseball cap worn by Weismuller would not yet have been available in 1959. Baseball caps of that period were made of wool and/or cotton fabric.
    • Material details aside, in 1959 baseball caps weren't worn as casual headwear by adults; they were just part of the uniforms worn by baseball players during games. Baseball caps were not adopted into casual fashion outside of baseball games until the 1970s.
  • For Part Two's end credits, Richard Mitchley, Anita Graham & Leslie Meadows are credited as "Murray", "Vinny" & "Keillor" respectively. However, the characters they actually play are "Arrex", "Bollitt" & "Adlon" respectively.


DVD, VHS and audio release[]

  • Delta and the Bannerman was released to DVD in the UK (region 2) on 22 June 2009, region 4 on 6 August, followed by a North American DVD release on 1 September.

Special Features[]

  • Audio commentary by Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor), Sara Griffiths (Ray), director Chris Clough and script editor Andrew Cartmel.
  • But First This - Andi Peters presents a contemporary children's TV feature on location with the cast of Delta and the Bannermen
  • Interview Rushes - Extra material from the But First This interviews with Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford (Mel) and Ken Dodd (Tollmaster)
  • Wales Today - A BBC News report on the making of the programme
  • Part One: First edit -The original half-hour edit of Part One, with additional scenes not in the broadcast version. Though features no music or sound effects apart from the opening and ending credits and no special effects.
  • Hugh and Us - An interview with Hugh Lloyd (Goronwy)
  • Clown Court - A 1988 appearance by Sylvester McCoy on the 'Clown Court' segment of The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow, during which bloopers from this story, along with bonus outtakes from Silver Nemesis (including Sophie Aldred) and The Visitation (including Peter Davison), are shown, followed by outtakes of McCoy's appearance in 'Clown Court'.
  • Stripped for Action - A look at the comic strip adventures of the Seventh Doctor
  • Trails and Continuity Announcements
  • Photo Gallery
  • Radio Times Billings - Listings for this story presented in a PDF file (DVD-ROM - PC/Mac)
  • Production Information Subtitles
  • Coming Soon Trailer - The War Games


  • Remastering for the DVD release was completed by the Doctor Who Restoration Team.
  • This is one of only a handful of Doctor Who DVD releases for which a "making of" documentary was not produced.

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