Delphi was the Galatean robot double of Maggie Cortez on the lunar colony Athenia. She had all of Maggie's memories downloaded into her.

After 23 years, Delphi had "outgrown" Maggie. She began worshipping Alan Turing as one of the Children of Turing. An unlicensed Children of Turing demonstration broke into a riot when Tony Moxham damaged the holo-statue of Alan Turing. The fighting was calmed when the Twelfth Doctor repaired the holo-statue and made it appear to speak in Alan's voice. While Delphi was recharging, she had a dream where she was fighting in a war between humans and Galateans. The Phantom Piper told Delphi that "peace is a sandcastle" and "war is the tide", and then told her to wake up. Delphi saw that Tony was trying to overload the Galatean recharging unit and in trying to stop Tony, she accidentally killed him. (COMIC: The Phantom Piper)

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