Delox was a member of the High Council of the Time Lords. (AUDIO: Appropriation, AUDIO: Mindbomb) He also was an instructor of Romana's at the Academy. (AUDIO: Lies)

According to a nightmare of the Fifth Doctor, another of Delox's incarnations was a Chancellor and lecturer at the Academy who taught a philosophy class taken by the First Doctor and several other of his friends from the Deca, including Rallon, Koschei, Ushas, Jelpax, Millennia, and Magnus. Runcible was also in the same class. Delox always wore her full robes and neck brace. They were heliotrope coloured, (PROSE: Divided Loyalties) indicating she belonged to the Patrex Chapter. (TV: The Deadly Assassin)

She believed strongly in the values of tradition and loyalty. Delox disliked the Doctor, feeling that, while clever, he was arrogant and lacked respect for tradition. Consequently, in the Fifth Doctor's nightmare of his past, she expelled him from her class. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties)

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