Delivery Bots were the robotic workforce of the Kandokan warehouse Kerb!am located on the planet's moon. Delivery Bots went through four designs before the Kerb!am Man version. (TV: Kerblam!)

Twirlys Edit

Twirlys, also known as Kerb!am Delivery Bot Version 1.0, were the first Delivery Bots used by Kerb!am for upsales and delivery - its only two purposes. They had the original code of Kerb!am. After it was replaced by more advanced TeamMates and Kerb!am Men, one Twirly was deactivated and left on display at the warehouse reception for 200 years. (TV: Kerblam!)

Evolution of Delivery Bots

Five stages of evolution of Delivery Bots in Kerb!am. (TV: Kerblam!

Kerb!am Men Edit

Kerb!am Men were Delivery Bots used by the Kerb!am warehouse to deliver packages that were packaged by the Kandoka human colonists and TeamMates. They were the mascots of Kerb!am and wore more formal uniforms than their TeamMate counterparts. (TV: Kerblam!)

TeamMates Edit

TeamMates were Delivery Bots used by the Kerb!am warehouse to supervise its organic workers, and to perform tasks on their own. (TV: Kerblam!)

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