Deliverables was a delivery company set up by Ro-Jedda to raise the rate of employment in Cardiff and to gain control of the Rift after it was opened by Bilis Manger through the repeated movement across the city. (AUDIO: Zero Hour) They delivered post, packages and meals. (AUDIO: A Kill to a View) Chef Bandit used their services. (AUDIO: Cardiff Unknown - October 2018)

Prospective employees had only to download an app to start working there. They would repeat the same actions day after day and would be punished if they deviated from the instructions given by the app. Once an employee worked at the company enough weeks to be deserving of particular workers' rights, they would be incinerated by Deliverables and their ashes packaged for delivery.

Tyler Steele joined Deliverables after being concerned about Hasan, who worked there. Ng blew up Newport Road to disrupt the employees' movements. This caused the app to lead the employees to the incinerator to cover up the operation, despite Tyler's attempts to stop them. (AUDIO: Zero Hour)

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