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Deleted Scene from 'Iris Wildthyme and the Key Lime Pie 2 Time' - 'Part 3: The Stones of Blood' was the eighth and final story in Señor 105 & the Elements of Danger. By featuring the licensed use of Iris Wildthyme, it was the only story in the anthology to have a direct connection to Doctor Who.


Iris Wildthyme, Señor 105, and Panda climb aboard Iris' bus after finding the 3rd slice of the Celestial gateau, after escaping vampiric versions of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Aboard the bus, Iris and Panda are both frustrated that they have to find the Celestial gateau again. Iris and Señor 105 pretend to be flirting with each other, causing Panda to storm off upstairs, disgusted. Making sure Panda is definitely upstairs, Iris and Señor 105 quickly get to work preparing a cake.

Shortly, Iris and Señor 105 come upstairs, and just as Panda is about to tell them to go away, he sees their lovingly, yet slightly pathetic, Bamboo Upside-down Cake they prepared for his birthday.

They cheerily eat mouthfuls of the cake, reminiscing about their recent adventure. Then, Señor 105 notices that Iris has eaten the 3rd slice of the Celestial gateau...




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