You may be looking for the comic story this is based on.

Defending Bannerman Road is a game based on the webcomic of the same name, published on The Sarah Jane Adventures website, in the section called, "The Sarah Jane Academy".

You can play as either Rani, Luke, or Clyde. You must defend Bannerman Road against an army of Sarah Jane's enemies, using a catapult to fire various objects found on the ground with the hood of the car.

In level six and eleven you'll get a little help by some members of UNIT.



The Slitheen attacking Bannerman Road (Defending Bannerman Road)

The weapons had to be thrown from Sarah Jane's car to the aliens so that they could be defeated. The following weapons could be used:

  • Meteorite - Rocks that could be thrown far.
  • Sonic Sphere - Light object which could be thrown a great distance.
  • Bubble Ball - Medium Range with bounce to defeat the Monsters.
  • Space Debris - A heavy piece that did lots of damage.
  • Energy Spirit - A capsule of energy that didn't stop bouncing.
  • Analogue Randomiser - A grenade that had a large damage radius.


Level Enemies Weapons unlocked
1 Graske Meteorite
2 Slitheen Sonic Sphere
3 Bane Bubble Ball
4 Men in Black Space Debris
5 Sontaran Fleet Energy Spirit
6 Judoon Analogue Randomiser
7 Enemy Forces (Bane, Graske, Slitheen) All weapons unlocked
8 Alien Horde (Sontarans, Men in Black, Bane, Slitheen, Judoon) All weapons unlocked
9 Men in Black and Sontaran All weapons unlocked
10 More Monsters (Judoon, Bane) All weapons unlocked
11 All Aliens (Judoon, Bane, Sontarans, Men in Black, Slitheen, Graske) All weapons unlocked
12 Krulius (Sontaran, Judoon, Krulius) All weapons unlocked

Story notes[]

  • When the game is completed, the user receives a code to the safe in the attic of the website and provides a degree explaining that the user has successfully defended Bannerman Road.
  • A Veil is on the video game cover but this species doesn't appear in the actual game.

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