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Defending Bannerman Road is the fourth web comic featured on the The Sarah Jane Adventures website. Released in November 2010, it features the return of the Krulius, who previously appeared in Monster Hunt and Return of the Krulius. Like the previous comic strips on the site, it utilises Flash and is supplemented by a complete audio description of the story, provided by Anjli Mohindra.


When the Krulius returns to Earth and attacks Bannerman Road, Clyde must defeat his army of old enemies...


The Krulius' space station hovers just above the Earth, invisible to humans. The Krulius' preparations are ready and he begins to target Sarah Jane Smith.

Meanwhile, in Sarah Jane's attic, Clyde is getting extremely bored, keeping watch for the Krulius with Mr Smith. Mr Smith reveals that the Krulius must be waiting somewhere in the Earth's Solar System, having escaped from prison, but is hidden from the scanners by a Force Warp Shield. Suddenly, Clyde realises that everything is completely silent, aside from Mr Smith's voice. Seconds after this, Mr Smith inexplicably engages in an Emergency Storm Protocol, leaving a helpless Clyde alone.

A Temporary Stasis Field fills Bannerman Road, as Sarah Jane runs in with Rani, urging Clyde to get away from the window. As Rani and Sarah Jane attempt to reboot Mr Smith, Clyde must search for a means to stop the approaching army.

While this is going on, the Krulius watches his army approach from his ship. Judoon, Slitheen, Bane, Graske and Kudlak are marching towards the house, commanded by the Men in Black. Rani realises that all these monsters must be under hypnotic control as they refuse the androids' order to surrender.

As the Men in Black attempt to break down the door, Clyde runs out, throwing Vlimion slime balls at them. The slime jams their circuits while Clyde runs to an upstairs window with a pistol filled with vinegar to attack the Slitheen. Clyde then uses a detention force generator from Galactos Major to apprehend the Judoon. The Kudlak's capture via anti-gravity ray is the last straw for the Krulius who summons his remaining soldiers back to him.

As Clyde celebrates and Mr Smith reboots, the Krulius leaves with a warning of his return, which Sarah Jane echoes.


Aliens in the Krulius' army[]