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Defend This (later: Defending The Earth or Defend the Earth!) was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.


Are you good enough to join LINDA? Take the test!

How to play?[]

To join LINDA the player has to answer a number of Questions of Doctor Who. If he needs help he can click on the hint button and will get more information. The pc mouse is needed for round 1-4 and the keyboard is needed in round 5.

Round 1[]

  • At least two of five questions have to be answered right to get into the next round. Select one right answer out of three answers.

Round 2[]

  • At least three of five questions have to be answered right to get into the next round. Select one right answer out of three answers.

Round 3 & 4[]

  • At least four of five questions have to be answered right to get into the next round. Select several right answers out of several answers.

Round 5[]

  • All five questions have to be answered right to join LINDA. This is the only round were the answers have to be typed. After the player has answered all questions right he gets a certificate that he has defended the Earth and lived. The player can repeat each round countess times.


Round 1[]

What is the motto of the British Rocket Group?

  • To infinity... and beyond
  • Mankind's destiny in the stars
  • The love of heaven makes one heavenly (right answer)

Who was the believer that ran this site before Mickey?

  • Linda
  • Clive (right answer)
  • Trish

What is the government minister Sylvia Delaine chairman of?

  • The north sea boating club (right answer)
  • The UFO research committee
  • The international lifeboat association

What does Sophie Collins work for?

  • SD6
  • MI5 (right answer)
  • CTU

Where in the UK were an alien sword and a suspicious satsuma recently discovered?

  • Brockley (right answer)
  • Deffrey Vale
  • Milton Keynes

Round 2[]

Who drew this image of an alien creature?

  • Squidbaby23 (right answer)
  • Spacepig 06
  • Zombiegran801

Where can you hear this music?

  • Millingdale ice cream website (right answer)
  • Geocomtex website
  • Deffrey Vale High School website

In which decade was this picture taken?

  • 1970's
  • 1980's (right answer)
  • 1990's

Which of these is not an hobby/interest of this man?

  • Material arts
  • The 'Alien' films
  • Pirate radio (right answer)

Which location is missing from this map?

  • Leamington Spa (right answer)
  • The Gower Peninsula
  • The Glen of Saint Catherine

Round 3[]

According to the western mail, where was the blaidd drwg nuclear plant nearly built, before mayor Margaret Blaine won the project for Cardiff?

  • Dungeness
  • The Republic of Cornwall (right answer)
  • The Isle of Dogs

Where are the objects most commonly traded by collectors?

  • The grey market (right answer)
  • The black market
  • Ebay

Which strange phenomenon occurred in Deffry Vale shortly before the high school blew up?

  • Lights in the sky (right answer)
  • Glowing oil in the reservoir
  • Dogs howling at the moon

What did Daniel Llewellyn study at university?

  • Cosmology
  • Chronology
  • Areology (right answer)

According to our exclusive security camera footage, what time do the shop window dummies begin their rampage?

Round 4[]

Which four words are missing from the wire's last message?

  • Transmit
  • Feast (right answer)
  • Spread (right answer)
  • Hunger (right answer)
  • Closedown
  • Prey (right answer)

Which three of these military personnel are members of UNIT?

  • 156

Which of these six people are believed to be travelling companions of the Doctor?

  • 135

Which of these people were members of LINDA?

  • 135

Which of these symbols is not a Krillitane symbol?

  • The symbol that looks like a circle

Round 5[]

Some observatories have recently detected an unusual signal emanating from the surface of the moon. Where exactly?

  • Tycho

What killed Sir Thom MacLeish?

  • Poison

What is the Sycorax for "You are very funny cattle"?

  • SOO GAN PRACTEEL GATZAA (written in capital letters)

A number of German bombs where recently discovered during refurbishment of the London underground. What was the unusual phrase written on all of them?

  • SCHLECHTER WOLF (written in big letters)

What is the toll-free technical support number for Geocomtex?

  • 555-236-801

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