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Deep Space Nine
You may be looking for Dark Space 8.

Deep Space Nine (DS9) was a television series (PROSE: Autumn Mist) that aired prior to Sam Jones' home time of 1997. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors et al.)

"Changelings" were involved in the show. Sam noted that she did not see much of the show because her dad was always watching the news. (PROSE: Autumn Mist)

On the deep space probe ship Clinton in 2062, Erimem asked if it could be a space station. Andy Hansen said it did not look like Babylon 5 or DS9. (PROSE: Prime Imperative)

Behind the scenes[]


Sisko's Creole Kitchen (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Other matters[]

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the full name of the series, but like Enterprise, it has not been properly identified as a Star Trek series in Doctor Who media.
  • Tony Dow directed the Deep Space Nine episode "Field of Fire" while Siddig directed "Business as Usual" and "Profit and Lace".