Decoy was the tenth short story in The Target Storybook.

Publisher's summary[]

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Rassilon's plan to lure the Daleks into a trap by using an armada of unwitting Time Lords led by an Auton duplicate of the Doctor draws the fury of the real War Doctor. After programming his duplicate to send the Time Lord armada retreating from the Dalek fleet, the Doctor sends another Auton duplicate to berate Rassilon, while he steals weaponry from the Time Lord armoury. Having seeded the atmospheres of a system of gas giants with proximity mines, the Doctor lures the Daleks into his trap – and as his enemies' ships trip the mines, the Doctor escapes the ensuing conflagration in his TARDIS.



  • The Daleks use an armada of saucers and never-ships, hiding in a pocket dimension from Time Lord scanners.
  • The Althos system has 7 uninhabited planets with rare gases the Daleks plan to mine for "epoch bombs" that can obliterate entire eras.
  • Althos II is the largest gas giant and has a pink atmosphere. The War Doctor uses proximity mines to detonate the planet.
  • Dalek names for the Doctor include Deathbringer, Predator, and the One Without Mercy.
  • The War Doctor makes a deal with the Nestene Consciousness to create two duplicates and have control over them, in exchange for fighting for the Nestene one day.


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