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Decky Flamboon was a companion of the Eleventh Doctor. He was a Brancheerian shapeshifter who could turn into almost anything. Decky's true form was a lizard creature. He wanted to get back home to Sirus, but had lost the coordinates. The Doctor offered to help, however long it took them to find Sirus.


Before meeting the Doctor[]

Decky was on a research mission for the making of an Olympic stadium when his ship was hit by a meteorite and crashed on Earth. (COMIC: Meteorite Meeting)

Meeting the Doctor[]

The Doctor arrived on Earth where he met Decky. The Doctor managed to get the ship and meteorite into the sky, but Decky had lost the co-ordinates for his home planet. He and the Doctor set off to find them and have adventures along the way. (COMIC: Meteorite Meeting)

Finding the co-ordinates[]

The Doctor and Decky arrived on Cobaltikar 45, a planet inhabited by robots, because something was pulling energy out of the universal atmosphere. They found a replica of the Eiffel Tower. At the base of the tower was a machine that used atmospheric energy to hold a robot which had broken free. The Eiffel Tower started to fall down and the duo ran away. The robot was hit by the tower and was destroyed. They found part of the co-ordinates and found out that the robots bought the replica off a Brancheerian, both helping Decky get one step closer to home. (COMIC: Tower of Power)

Becoming human[]

Decky changed into a human to go skiing. (COMIC: Snowball!)

Leaving the Doctor[]

Decky soon returned home and found that nobody was there. After a fight with Monty Punnions, he found out that the other Brancheerians were living on the three moons. (COMIC: The Tail of Decky Flamboon)

Behind the scenes[]

The name and basic design for Decky came from Mitchell Collett, as an entry to a Doctor Who Adventures competition to create a new companion to appear in the magazine's comics following the departure of Amy Pond and Rory Williams and prior to the introduction of Clara Oswald.